10 Tips for How to Keep Writing This Summer

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on My Muse!

By Loni Cameron

It can be difficult to keep our creative juice flowing and the creative train on the tracks during the summer months. There are so many fun distractions: barbecues, pool parties and trips to the cottage that can pull us away from our writing time. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help keep your word flow going. Even doing just one of these things is sure to keep your creativity sparkling!

  1. Join/attend a writing group – Writing groups allow us to interact with other write-minded people, and keep us accountable. “Courting the Muse” is hosted by WCYR member Carol Teal. For more information, please contact Carol at carol.tealart@gmail.com, there are still spaces available.
  2. Get a prompt book/subscribe to prompts – Write to them. It takes just 10 minutes a day, and you just don’t know what will come of them. They could be a welcome break in the midst of summer outings, and/or they could jumpstart something bigger. It could give you a solution to a problem in your current work-in-progress!
  3. Get a pocket-sized notebook and pen/pencil– Keep it with you. You never know when inspiration will strike.
  4. Keep talking to your writer friends and encourage each other – There’s nothing like sharing the trials and tribulations of imaginary people to get your creative juices flowing.
  5. Create your own space – Be it a corner of your living room, a portable bag with your writerly things, or a room of your own, have a space that you feel comfortable letting the words flow.
  6. Own your time – It can be easy to push aside your writing time because your child needs to be taken to a play date or you’ve been invited to a pool party. You can’t do everything or attend everything. You need your time to write. Try scheduling in some time, even if it’s not every day.
  7. Attend writing events – The WCYR recently held the Bookshelf. Word on the Street is coming up. Go out and meet other writers. Talking about their work can inspire your own.
  8. Write now, edit later – Don’t think too much about what you’re writing. If you’re inspired, get it down, whether it’s in your new pocket-sized notebook, the Notes app on your phone, or your laptop.
  9. Read – A writer can’t be a writer if they’re not a reader. What topics or genres interest you? What genre is your work-in-progress? Read a book that will inspire you, or something to keep you company at the beach. Summer is a great time to read.
  10. Reward yourself – You finished that 10 minute prompt? Did you tidy up your latest chapter? Did you read another chapter of the latest thriller or YA fantasy? Do you feel good about your writing? It’s time for ice cream!

I hope this helps and you find your pocket notebook (or laptop) filling up with exciting ideas, beautiful sentences, and paragraphs to get your heart racing.

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When Loni isn't reading other people's words or running around after her two young children, she spends time writing stories of her own. She finds inspiration in the little things, but also in momentous events. Loni currently resides in York Region. Twitter: @LoniStorm Instagram: loni_storm Facebook: @LoniCameronWriter

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