2018 Election Candidates

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Program Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Special Events Coordinator


CHAIR ~ MJ Moores

My name is MJ Moores, and I would like to run in the first official WCYR election for Board Chair.

I am interested in being apart of the Board of Directors for the WCYR because of both the impact that this organization has had on my own development as a writer, and the impact I feel I could make in helping steer this community into a new phase of its existence. It is apart of my DNA to help people, and volunteering my time and personal experience as a teacher, an editor, and published author brings a sense of joy and contentment to my heart.

The position of Board Chair appeals to my organizational side. As a former teacher, planning, structuring, and working with both a staff and the public has helped refine what I feel are core abilities to helping run an institution like the WCYR. My publishing and editing background allow me to bring an element of experience to the table that perhaps not all candidates may have yet achieved. And my connections in the writing and publishing world will aid me in my goal to see the WCYR grow and evolve.

I hope you will consider me for the position of Board Chair in the March elections.

Thank you.

Biography: MJ Moores taught in Simcoe County for ten years before making the shift to writing and editing full-time. She is a staff editor for both DAOwen Publications and Imajin Books. MJ has written three non-fiction industry e-books revolving around various aspects of publishing and being an indie author. She has self-published her science-fiction/fantasy series The Chronicles of Xannia, and her short works can be found in: The Writing Spiral (Sunshine in a Jar Press), The Human Condition Anthology (Infinite Pathways Press), Unbound II: Changing Worlds (Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications), and Brave New Girls III: Tales of Heroines Who Hack (Fan & Closser). Her debut romantic suspense novella is set to launch later this year with Love Knot Books and she is a judge for the 2018 Catherine—the Toronto Romance Writers’ official writing contest.

MJ can most often be found championing the WCYR at local open mic events, and selling her books at various festivals and conferences.

TREASURER ~ Lauren Solar

My name is Lauren Solar and I would like to run for the position of Treasurer.

I am already serving on the Board of the WCYR because I believe in supporting organizations that I feel are beneficial to me and my peers. I have an extensive background in bookkeeping and administration, some specifically with small not-for-profit organizations like ours.

Biography: Lauren is a professional writer and copy editor. She currently writes regularly for several health-related not-for-profit organizations as well as one for-profit website. Lauren has co-written two cookbooks that became Canadian best sellers in their time and copy edited two other published works. 

Lauren also works for a mid-size not-for-profit as their National Administrator, which includes all of their financial administration. She is also responsible for their communications, including their newsletter and website. As a volunteer, Lauren is President of the York Region Community Choir.

SECRETARY ~ Nanci M. Pattenden

My name is Nanci M Pattenden and I would like to run for the position of Secretary.

Being part of this organization has enabled me to learn, meet other writers, and share the skills necessary to further develop good writing practices. WCYR is growing and I have enjoyed being part of the new and exciting endeavours we are undertaking and would like to continue to assist growing our community.

I have been the WCYR secretary for the past two years, and assisted with the organizing of some of our author events. I am also part of the team organizing our annual book selling event, The Bookshelf.

I have an extensive administrative background, and possess four certificates in Administration and Secretarial skills from Seneca and Durham colleges as well as a diploma from the University of Calgary.

Biography: Nanci M Pattenden is semi-retired after almost 40 years in the workforce. She has self-published two novellas in her Detective Hodgins Victorian Mystery series; Body in the Harbour and Death on Duchess Street, and is currently working on two new books. She has short stories published in two  anthologies; The Human Condition, published by Infinite Pathways Press, and Voices of Vaughan, A Canada 150 Anthology, published by Vaughan Public Libraries.

Nanci has completed the Creative Writing Certificate program at both the University of Calgary and the University of Toronto. She has attended numerous writing conferences over the past several years, and continues to take courses and attend as many conferences as possible.


Dear WCYR friends and members,

My name is Kim McDougall and I am running for the WCYR board position of Meeting Coordinator. I have been fulfilling this job for the past two years. I enjoy meeting authors and bringing them to our members for inspiration and education. I am organized and I understand the logistics this job requires—logistics such as booking speakers and venues up to a  year in advance in order to properly promote the events to the community. I have the computer skills to create dynamic event pages on the WCYR website and I enjoy collaborating with other members to find guest speakers and create new workshops. Under my direction, we have new events in the coming 2018-2019 season, such as Community Critique Luncheon, WCYR at the Farmers’ Market, and Fact or Fiction with the York Regional Police. I look forward to implementing these exciting workshops and creating more in the future.

Biography: Kim McDougall is an award-winning author, fiber artist and photographer. Writing as Kim Chatel, she has 6 children’s books in print. As Kim McDougall, she writes dark fantasy fiction, with 2 published novels, 7 novellas, and over a dozen short stories.

In 2009, Kim started Blazing Trailers, an innovative online company that produced and promoted book trailers. Four hundred book trailers later, Blazing Trailers transitioned into Castelane Inc, as authors demanded more services such as editing and book design. Castelane continues to serve authors and publishers with editing service, book cover designs, eBook conversions and book trailers.

Kim enjoys attending writing conventions and has guest lectured at NJRWA, SCBWI (Pa), Greater Lehigh Valley Writers’ Group, and WCYR on writing topics such as Scrivener, editing and book trailer creation. She has brought her children’s books and fiber art to many schools and libraries. For the last 2 years, Kim has been on the board of WCYR as the Meeting Coordinator. 

Kim’s children’s publications include Rainbow Sheep, the EPPIE Award for best children’s ebook and Horse Camp winner of the Feathered Quill, Be Kind to Animals award. Her adult fiction has been published with large, medium and small publishers and she has 10+ short stories in magazines and anthologies. Currently, Kim is self-publishing The Hidden Coven, a series of urban fantasy novellas. 


My name is Linda Francis and I am interested in running for the Membership Coordinator position.

This is a position to which I bring a lot of skills, experience, and knowledge in order to support the board, increase our organization’s numbers, and help members achieve personal goals through taking part in the organization. This role interests me as I am actively promoting belonging to professional organisations in my role as an Instructor and Faculty Head of a local college.

This position would assist me in the added credibility to speak to students, instructors, and coworkers the benefits of joining professional organisations. Not only do organisations offer workshops and volunteer opportunities, they are a great resource for networking. I am also currently an active “Member at Large: Blog Editor” with the WCYR, and have BETA read for one of our authors. Additionally, I am a “Social Marauder” for the McMaster Alumni Association, sharing links and encouraging people to become active in their alumni associations, or local professional associations, to be active in their communities. It is through actively volunteering with great organisations, elevating our organization, and supporting our members and our community that we enrich not only our own lives, but the lives of others, and create stronger and healthier communities locally and collectively.

Biography: If I had to define myself, I am made up of many pieces: I am a writer, an editor, a reader, and a literacy advocate. My skills, developed through all of my education, work, and volunteer experience, contribute to who I am and what I have to offer both to the organisation and to its members. Currently, I volunteer with the WCYR as a Member at Large: Blog Editor. In this role, I review submitted posts, create and publish the posts to the WCYR website. Professionally, I have edited/contributed to two custom textbooks for courses I deliver at the college level, as well as develop curriculum for our faculty. I hold a B.A. from McMaster University, specialising in English and history. I have been writing short stories since my teenage years. One story was published in McMaster’s student publication “Beneath the Surface” while in university. I have trained as an Adult Basic Literacy instructor, and volunteered as a literacy tutor through the Scarborough Board of Education. In this role, I worked one-on-one with students to help them improve their literacy (reading and writing) skills. I previously belonged to the Editors’ Association of Canada, and volunteered with the organization to host their table at the Word on the Street. I have completed the Creative Writing Certificate at George Brown College. I have a number of stories I am working on self-publishing. I encourage reading as a viable recreational activity, and maintain that books make the best gifts. My personal goal every year is to read one (1) book per week. I support local writers through volunteering at and/or attending venues such as Word on the Street and Bookapalooza. 


My name is Douglas Owen and I’m running for the Special Events Coordinator position.

As the Special Event Coordinator I’ll make sure only high-quality and well-run venues are selected for us to attend. If an event turns out to be nothing but a gathering of vendors with no advertising, then they will be identified and members warned. I’ll also continue to search for events locally in order to raise the awareness of the public to our presence, as well as the works of our published authors.

Being an author and publisher, I know what you are looking for, the opportunity to get your work out there, and I’ll do my best to ensure you have that chance. I personally attend many of the events we have and work at securing the best value for our members. Over the last year I’ve personally negotiated several events getting the cost of attending them lowered for our membership and will continue to do so in the future.

All events are now posted for members to sign up to, part of my own initiative. It allows all members to be aware of what is available instead of relying on the newsletter or word of mouth.

It is my intention to continue locating high-quality venues and opportunities for the organization in the upcoming year.

Biography: I’m a writer and publisher owning four imprints through DAOwen Publications. My company has released nineteen books with seven in various stages of edits at this time (five of the books are my own).

My writing journey started in the early 80’s and grew into short stories in the turn of the century. By 2010 I wrote continually, but had not thought of publishing the work beyond my blog until a friend suggested I write a book. After my first (and disastrous) novel, I dove into the world of writing and haven’t looked back. 

Over the years I’ve written many manuals from sales to coaching, and easily over one hundred short stories. My writing love is flash fiction, and I delve into the worlds of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror continually with my own writing.

I opened DAOwen Publications late in 2015 to hold the imprint Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications, which opened in 2014. Since then, Tumble Weed books opened for general fiction and non-fiction writing, Love Knot Books opened for romance, and Wicked Tales for horror. All imprints have books either published or in the process of being published.

My own flash fiction has been short listed in the quarterly Mash Stories competitions. I have published short stories in Word Play 2013, Unbound I: Lost Friends, and my own Inside My Mind collections. Through 2013 to 2016 I wrote a column titled A Written View for Self-Publisher Magazine and Indyfest Magazine.

Today I’m a featured writer in Quara, with a multitude of readers of my answers featured in the writing and publishing section. To this day I still answer questions and am compiling them for a Q&A book on writing and publishing.

I’m a strong component of writing and publishing the way people want to. In my public avocation I coach and am a technical analyst for a major bank. My private life is spent enjoying the publishing and writing world in the Hamlet of Goodwood Ontario.