Announcing Old Embers Rekindled – My Fire is not Out Yet! By Gary E. Johnson

About the Book:

Old Embers Rekindled – My Fire is Not Out Yet! is a new collection of poems integrated with selected photographs that are meant to complement each other generally. The book features seven sections: Fore Thoughts, Foundered Love Unbound, Down Time, State of Agitation, Metaphysics, Love Before Death, and After Thoughts.

Fore Thoughts can be considered a prologue, touching on The Word and The Picture which is the interplay in the book. The theme of Foundered Love Unbound for the most part is about disenchanted or unrequited love. Down Time speaks to the isolation and the loss of a normal life during the pandemic. State of Agitation is mostly a short rant about what’s going on in the world today. Metaphysics deals with abstract concepts such as being, time, and space. Life Before Death portrays the thoughts and feelings of an older man trying to understand his mortality. The idea behind After Thoughts was to take some time to pause for reflection over a few poems and some random thoughts (or mostly they were added because they didn’t make it into the main body of the book).

Author’s Note: I hope the reader enjoys the interplay between the words and pictures as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

You can buy Old Embers Rekindled – My Fire is Not Out Yet! here.

About Gary:

Over his lifetime, Gary Johnson sporadically wrote poems as time and events allowed, which resulted in his first collection of poems enter light-exit light and everything in between.

In the last five years with more time on his hands, he has put together this second collection in Old Embers Rekindled, which combines his love of poetry and his photography. Each photograph also includes a small accompanying interpretive verse in the overall context of each section of poems: Foundered Love Unbound, Down Time, State of Agitation, Metaphysics, Life Before Death, and After Thoughts.

“We will continue to strew our seed and spawn our ideas For our future progeny to follow”

When he is not writing or creating photo art, he is growing garlic and cut flowers along with his wife Cathy for her Perennial Petals farm business. Find Gary here.

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