Announcing The Hunt for Red Octopus, by Apricot Banks and Maaja Wentz

About the Book:

Suffering sea monsters! Can Hubert brave the storm?

Meet Rainbow Reef’s fabulous fish kids:  Aiden, the panicky pufferfish, Sparky the doggone friendly dogfish, Olga the eight-legged bully, her little sister Red, and Hubert, a tiny hermit crab with Skyfall ambitions. He wants to be a superspy, but the sea harbors monsters, ghosts, and worse.

When Hubert and friends play hide-and-seek in the spooky Kelp Forest, Red Octopus gets lost. With a storm raging, can Hubert bring her home safely?

Finding a tiny octopus in the ocean is trickier than detecting one grain of sand on the beach. Fortunately, Hubert has a secret weapon. Read about it in The Hunt for Red Octopus.

Kids and adults will enjoy Hubert’s laugh-out-loud adventures. The Hunt for Red Octopus was released on July 31st, 2021.

This project was designed by a teacher-librarian who was missing her “kids.” Get a free book with jokes and activities for kids here:

About Apricot:

Apricot Banks (Maaja Wentz) writes fun books for kids that adults like too. A teacher-librarian, she loves sharing funny adventures to inspire a love of reading. Each book includes games and jokes in the back so that children can enjoy themselves offline.

Maaja’s first novel, Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer, was chosen as a Featured Story by Wattpad and then went on to win a Watty award.

Moved by school closures last spring, Maaja recorded a read-aloud to allow children to follow along with the complete text of the first book in the Saltwater Spy Series, Marina Royale. Watch it on YouTube.

Reviews are needed. Please get your free review copy of the book via StoryOrigin.

Find Marina Royale:

Find Maaja:

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