Another Step Closer

How the WCYR Publishing Grant allowed me to attend Tri-City Super Con, host a panel discussion and connect with publishers.

Tri-City Supercon is always a mecca of networking for the Toronto and GTA independent comic crowd. Hosted by the creator of Captain Canuck, the talent that attends this convention is astounding. With the Publishing Grant from the WCYR and Newmarket Bookshelf, I was able to attend this year and take part in some wonderful activities. I was asked to speak some months ago, and was able to prepare a session about my journey to finding writing, and more specifically writing comics. This gave me the opportunity to share my story, and connect with other writers that are traveling a path I know all too well. Being able to be a positive force for others in the independent comic community gave me the motivation and subject matter for my next big writing project! Without the grant that allowed me to be there, I may never have had that creative burst.

The first in a three part graphic novel. This story centres around family relationships, equality, and standing up for what you believe in.

Meeting likeminded people at conventions is always a bonus, but the most exciting thing can be to meet prospective publishers face to face and discuss upcoming projects one on one, outside of the email universe. I was able to chat with the CEO of Chapterhouse Publishing at this event, and although this comic has already been picked up by their publishing firm, to have some one on one face time with the people who are taking my comic to the commercial bookshelves next year was a surreal experience.

The WCYR has been instrumental in finding my footing in the self-publishing world. A wealth of knowledge from other local writers that have been helpful and supportive. I’m so excited to be a part of this creative collective.

Allison Danger has been a WCYR member since 2018 and is looking forward to giving back to her community through hosting seminars for high school students through the library outreach initiatives.



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