Another Successful Bookshelf Event

Books, books, and MORE books were on the menu Saturday July 7th at the WCYR’s Bookshelf Book Fair!

We had an absolutely fabulous day at the Lion’s Community Centre in Newmarket sharing our stories with wonderful readers.

On the Stage Reading Lounge 14 local authors shared their words from Children’s books to Young Adult to the Paranormal, Historical, Non-fiction – just to name a few genres. Award winning authors like Nina Munteanu, Douglas Smith, and Cryssa Bazos shared the stage with new writers from the Immigrant Writers Association and long-time Indie publishers just itching to share their words.

Inside the Community Centre from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. over 40 local authors and reading-related artisans celebrated the awesomeness that is Canadian Authorship. We not only had local visitors who frequent the Farmers Market, but also readers from far and wide across the GTA. Every year The Bookshelf gets one step closer to achieving its goal of making local Canadian authors and publishers more accessible to more people.

Our little not-for-profit organization has a big heart, but we couldn’t make this happen without the support of our community, our sponsors, and our volunteers. Thanks to our Cafe Queen, Karin Schrewe, and entertainers such as singer/songwriter Cameron Austin, and Professional Cosplayer Jes Tongio/Wonder Woman, we are turning a little book fair into a grand statement:

 Celebrate the love of reading and have fun doing it!

We hope to see you next year to make our event even better! 😀

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Gabriela Casineanu
5 years ago

Thank you for organizing such a great event, MJ! Loved the activities that were scheduled at different moments, it made it fun as well.
Thanks also for featuring the image with the Immigrant Writers Association ( 🙂

Andreea Demirgian
5 years ago

Thank you, MJ, for the wonderful introduction at the Reading Lounge. I really enjoyed reading to the kiddies!

Gary D. McGugan
5 years ago

This was my first year participating in Bookshelf as an author, reader and vendor. A great learning experience! Thanks for all your diligent work organizing, coordinating, introducing and coaching. Looking forward to help make this a marquis event in York Region.