BDO Writing Contest: Glimpses Poetry Entry #1

I Shall Be a Witch

Someday I shall be a witch.

I shall live in a cottage, deep in the woods

Midst a tangle of ferns and herbs and creeping ivy.

I’ll love everything nature,

I’ll keep all manner of dear animal friends.

My cottage will be alive with crystals and candles and spells.

My magic will surround me and glow inside me.

Until then, I must exist in this life

This urban semblance of life.

Full of material things and grocery lists and obligations.

Rife with unenlightened mortals,

Brimful, all of them, with discontent and negativity.

Draining my spirit, dragging my soul.

Who will never know that someday,


I shall be a witch and live deep in the woods,

In a cottage full of magic.

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