Blue Pencil


***Registration for Blue Pencil Sessions is now closed.***

Do you want feedback for your finished manuscript or work-in-progress? For an additional $20.00, add a blue-pencil meeting with a professional editor to your conference registration. Each meeting will be 15 minutes long with your choice of editor from the list below. Editors will review manuscript pages and/or queries. See editor bios below for preferences.

Erin Thomas

Young Adult & Children’s Author, Educator.

A lifelong love affair with books led Erin to study English at McMaster University, to work as a technical writer and editor for some years, and then to return to school to complete her Bachelor of Education through York University. She currently teaches writing courses through Centennial College, the Toronto District School Board and the Oshawa Senior Citizen’s Centre, covering everything from picture books to memoir.

Erin lives in Whitby, Ontario with her husband, their daughter, and more pets and books than any reasonable household should contain. She is an avid reader of fantasy, history, mystery and children’s books, and is hopelessly addicted to books on writing craft. 

Erin Thomas is the author of seven books for children and young adults, available through Orca Book Publishers and H.I.P. Books. She is represented by Rachel Letofsky of the CookeMcDermid Literary Agency.

Erin is happy to provide Blue Pencil mentorship for books aimed at young readers and beyond.

Erin will accept one of the following from each participant:
  • 1-page query letter & first 5 pages of manuscript
  • 1st 10 pages of manuscript

Erin specializes in writing for children:

  • Young Adult
  • Middle Grade

She will also accept:

  • Fantasy
  • Memoir 
Marilyn Kleiber

Author, Publisher, Mentor, Educator.

Do you need to receive help with editing, writing techniques or finding a publisher? Meet Marilyn Kleiber, a published author in her own right, and has:

  • written articles for magazines and newspapers
  • edited newsletters 
  • published blogs 
  • updated her own skills regularly
  • published her first book – Short Tales From a Tall Person 
  • and in 2013, won a prize in the Alice Munro Short Story Contest

Through the support of a number of writers’ groups, Marilyn decided to write a series of novels. Her myth/fantasy book, The Arrival, the first of the Pridden Saga series, was published in early 2018. Watch for the release of Book two, The Healers, in February 2019. She is currently immersed in the writing of Book three.

Passionate about teaching a variety of the writing techniques throughout Ontario, she is scheduled to present at the University of Guelph’s Writing Workshop in March, 2019. She believes there is always time to learn something new.

She is an experienced substantive/structural editor, and as a member of a publishing company has helped new authors clarify their manuscripts. Her advice helped many writers discover their own abilities anew, and her blue-pencil feedback is invaluable.

Marilyn will accept one of the following from each participant:
  • 1-page query letter & first 5 pages of manuscript
  • 1st 10 pages of manuscript

Marilyn specializes in speculative fiction:

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Horror/thriller
  • Crime
  • The Strange
Patti M. Hall 

Author, Ghostwriter, Memoir Coach, Educator.

Patti M. Hall is an author, ghostwriter, book coach and project manager for aspiring writing and transformational leaders. An experienced non-fiction and memoir editor, and sought-after ghostwriter, Patti has shepherded a dozen books to publication in both traditional and self-publishing. Patti is the author of Loving Large: a mother’s rare disease memoir, due out in April 2020 from Dundurn Press.

Patti will accept one of the following from each participant:
  • 1-page query letter & first 5 pages of manuscript
  • 1st 10 pages of manuscript

Patti specializes in life writing:

  • Contemporary fiction
  • Short fiction
  • Memoir/Creative Non-fiction
Sheri Andrunyk

Author, Publisher, Mentor.

Sheri believes that we all possess the knowledge of what’s best for our own life and business. She is the catalyst that can and does bring those insights to the forefront; especially empowering authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners with vision, wisdom, and support.

Upon the release of her first book Hearts Linked By Courage, Sheri expanded her consulting business once again to share her new knowledge and resources for those embracing the writing and book publishing journey. I C Publishing was officially unveiled in 2011.

Over her lengthy career, Sheri has provided immeasurable inspiration, as well as truly tangible insights to individuals and audiences alike. She has been a powerful contributor to many exceptional events, out front and behind the scenes, including emceeing for A Woman’s Worth Annual Event in support of Cancer Research.

From co-founding the Stepping Up Events, Reinventing Yourself Series, and Clarity Day Retreats, to creating and hosting the Women For Women 6 Figure Event from 2009 to 2012, and more recently lending the Hearts Linked by Courage© name and theme to an inspiring Wellness Retreat she co-created with a colleague in 2017, Sheri’s focus has always been to celebrate and inspire success; and to give to those less fortunate, creating a platform to make it easier for others to give too.

Sheri’s vision is limitless. One of the mottos she lives by every day is the best is yet to come.

Sheri will accept the following from each participant:
  • 3-5 page outline of book proposal & first 5 pages of manuscript

Sheri specializes in non-fiction writing:

  • Business
  • How To
  • Travel
  • Misc.