Board Advisor


Expectation of Duties

Core Duties:
Advises the Board

On the request of a director, provides insight on things to consider, risk assessment with new ventures, or personal experience from the role.

Temporarily assumes the role of the Board Chair during a planned absence or inability of the Board Chair (s) to perform duties at a board meeting or helps identify an appropriate substitute.

Assists the Board Chair(s) if needed.

Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations:

Attend Board meetings if requested by the Chair (s) and scheduling permits. Show support for WCYR events by attending when possible. Be willing and able to assist in an emergency to temporarily help fill a need/void.

Availability/Time Commitments:

No pre-set amount of time will be devoted to attending to volunteer/WCYR business. Time will be limited to support requested by the Board. Any phone or email messages received will be acknowledged within 2-3 days of receipt with a time frame for further comments to follow. Maintain a certain agreed-upon level of communication with the current Board Chair(s). This will allow for a sense of unity and clarity of purpose.
NOTE: This position is held until the current Board Chair(s) step(s) down and automatically becomes the succeeding Board Advisor — approx. 2 years.