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Not killing her might be the death of him. ~ Jason Bourne meets The X-Files. Three Exciting Novels in one. BUY NOW
The girl without a name straddles the law to take down evil. BUY NOW
Newbie Nightmares ~ BUY NOW
Taya is the ultimate agency graduate – fast, strong, dynamic… too bad the government want her dead. BUY NOW
Murphy’s Law: Rule #1 ~ What can go wrong, will go wrong. BUY NOW
Doctored Intentions ~ BUY NOW
A young maid is catapulted into an inventor’s explosive world the night his experiment goes awry. BUY NOW
________________________________ Corpses Gone Rogue ~ BUY NOW
Grounded in Time ~ BUY NOW

Can a video game designer save a tech-free world from civil war? BUY NOW
Kat must fulfill a promise in order to avoid war and go home. BUY NOW
Mistaken for a royal, Kat aids the Rifellan ruler to restore order. BUY NOW
How can Kat defeat the Thane of Morden without being destroyed herself? BUY NOW
To survive, Kyle will need to master reality itself. BUY NOW
Tales from the UnMasqued World Book 1 ~ The Fool: New Beginnings Book 2 ~ The Magician: Infinity’s End. BUY NOW
Forces threaten to tear Kayla’s world apart. Can she stop them? BUY NOW
Can the mind of one woman subdue nature herself? BUY NOW
Is Kayla able to heal a world that doesn’t know it needs healing? BUY NOW
Lennie would do anything to belong to a real family again, including dying. BUY NOW
Trapped in the sanctuary, the teens will either die or find their destiny. BUY NOW
When the campus is overrun by a deadly eating epidemic, only Tonya can resist the hidden, mind-controlling entity behind it. BUY NOW
Chloe Anderson is determined to get through any obstacles thrown her way. BUY NOW
Can Chloe handle the horrors that shadow over her life? BUY NOW

Will Chloe, her family, and her friends ever be see a future without chaos and death? BUY NOW
A pest-controller with a soft heart can easily end up with an apartment full of rescues.
Quinn is cursed. Bobbi’s a magical screw-up. Together they might just save two worlds. BUY NOW


An inventive exploration of time, absense and desire. An enthralling debut novel by Governor General’s Literary Awards finalist Maria Mutch. BUY NOW
Picture a baby doll washed up on a beach. Her chest is full of sand and her head’s twisted backwards. That’s 17-year-old Livvy’s state of mind. BUY NOW
Fred Sadler is as unsettled in death as he was in life. Is there hope for a man no one has ever really known? BUY NOW


If not me, then who will save my child? BUY NOW
A powerful journey into mysteries of the mind and love for a child. BUY NOW
Memoir of a boy surviving brain injury. BUY NOW
This dog made an impact to my life and for others in ways I would have never imagined. BUY NOW
A young man’s journey and life lessons from living with a brain injury. BUY NOW
The tomcat found himself cast off and lost in the wilderness until he found his person—she, with whom he deigned to share the secrets of catdom. BUY NOW


A washed-out train ticket. A peculiar head wound. A corpse. What next? BUY NOW
Cries of murder burst through the station house doors, shattering Detective Hodgins’ quiet day.
The tranquility of a tight-knit neighbourhood is shattered. Who could be the killer? BUY NOW
In a time before forensics, Detective Hodgins has to use his cunning to fight crime. BUY NOW
A long over-due family visit turns grim when the clues lead to Hodgins’ door. BUY NOW
Suspicious deaths, eccentric seniors spell big trouble for a small town. BUY NOW
Silent dolls with deadly secrets.
Family dynamics have deadly consequences. BUY NOW
Former enemies unite for revenge. BUY NOW

The dead bodies won’t stop her, and the new Chief of Police better get out of her way. BUY NOW
A killer stalks Bliss, forcing Neil to put her on lockdown. BUY NOW
The mayor has a job for Bliss: scout out abandoned graveyards and enumerate the forgotten dead. BUY NOW
Bliss & Neil are getting married. Naturally, things don’t go smoothly. BUY NOW
Mojitos, Moonlight….and Murder BUY NOW
What’s your life worth? If the price isn’t right….you die. BUY NOW
How easily lives can crumble in the pursuit of power and control. BUY NOW
Who is in the crosshairs of a crime syndicate known as The Organization? BUY NOW

What lengths will organized crime go to sieze control of a company? BUY NOW

Howard Knights is in the crosshairs of a crime boss seeking retribution. BUY NOW
Fate, misfortune, and opportunity entangle three rivals in fast-paced thriller. BUY NOW
A young undercover Mountie finds her cover blown while investigating the arrival of INK a highly addictive drug. BUY NOW
Cops & Robbers isn’t Just for Kids. FREE
Graduation Can be Killer. BUY NOW
Five Days with the Enemy. BUY NOW
What do a developer, vintage clothes, and a diamond heist have in common? BUY NOW


Renovations and a fashion show lead to murder. BUY NOW
A man is found dead in front of Audra’s shop during the Halloween Festival BUY NOW
An accidental Member of Parliament shakes up Canadian politics. BUY NOW
The accidental MP runs for re-election and solves a mystery. BUY NOW

A PR Agency runs a Citizen Astronaut lottery to rekindle space program. BUY NOW

Earnest Hemmingway starts self-help group for people with famous names. BUY NOW
Young man starts feminist blog while living above high-end strip club. BUY NOW
A young man sets off in search of family while healing himself. BUY NOW
A young man sacrifices everything to golf, but is he happy? BUY NOW


How can Caroline lose her two best friends at once? BUY NOW
Hubert is losing his best friend to a bully. Tiny Hubert wants to play cards with his best friend Sparky the dogfish. BUY NOW


Hanging for witchcraft has been outlawed in Ireland for centuries… Sixteen-year-old Molly Chant faces the noose, a punishment unheard of in 1869. BUY NOW
Touched by the local witch, Thomas is cursed and becomes an outcast until a family secret is revealed… BUY NOW


A supernatural thriller based on true events set in the White House of President Franklin Pierce. BUY NOW
A professor of English specializing in Paradise Lost comes to believe that his missing daughter has been taken by a demon from Milton’s epic poem. BUY NOW
As a psychic FBI agent, I always get the bad guy–until I’m assigned a case that bites back. BUY NOW

Audrey Levine thinks being bitten by a wolf is just another day on the job. She couldn’t be more wrong. BUY NOW
Stephanie Plum meets Twilight…all the fun, twice the fangs. BUY NOW
I have to sell myself to the vampires. I know it’s not safe, but there’s no other option. BUY NOW


Sci-Fi stories that feature brainy young heroines who use their smarts to save the day. These girls refuse to be ignored. BUY NOW
A collection of themed sci-fi & fantasy stories from around the world. BOOK 1 ~ BOOK 2 ~ BOOK 3
Pieces of humanity crystalized: Poetry, Flash Fiction, & Short Stories of what it means to be human. BUY NOW
Dark and evocative stories navigate blurry line between reality and perception. BUY NOW
Quality writing by diverse groups of authors. We will not be bound by the conservative restraints of genre. BUY NOW
Food for thought has a new look. Fifty-one short stories. BUY NOW
If evil forced its way into your life, if you saw injustice right before your eyes, what would you do?
A sparkling anthology of short works by 15 previously unpublished adult writers. All genres from humour and romance to poetry and biography to sci-fi and fantasy. BUY NOW


An Easy-to-Understand Exploration of the Healing Power of Your Mind BUY NOW
Placebos, Beliefs, and the Power of Your Mind to Visualize  BUY NOW

Trauma ~ Travel ~ Transcendence BUY NOW
A Book about Karma Reincarnation and the Release from Suffering BUY NOW
Edit Your Novel, Get Published and Become a Better Writer BUY NOW