Candidate Proposal

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the WCYR’s operating Board.

Proposals will be accepted between January 15 – February 28th, 2022.

How to Register Your Intent to Run

  1. Decide which Board position would best suit your current skill-set and/or a skill-set you are looking to enrich.
  2. Write a 200 word campaign speech selling yourself. Note: this will be made public for all voters.
    • State your name and the position you are interested in running for.
    • Tell us about why you are interested in being a board member (generally).
    • Tell us about why you are interested in this position (specifically).
    • Share with us your traits/skills/abilities that will act as strengths (sell yourself).
  3. Compile a writer’s biography (up to 100 words)
    • Focus on your writing-related experiences (contests you’ve won, anthologies your work appears in, online/print articles/blogs you’ve written, workshops you’ve attended, conventions you’ve gone to, diplomas/certificates you’ve earned, podcast you’ve posted, etc.)
    • Describe your work-related experiences (both paid and volunteer) which add to your qualifications.
  4. Proofread both pieces.
  5. Submit to:
    • email:
    • subject line: WCYR Election Candidate Registration – Your Name
    • salutation: Sheila Horne, Secretary WCYR
    • message: Include a couple of lines about your interest in being on the board and attaching your documents.
    • signature: your name as it appears on your membership, your main email, your phone number (home or cell).