Canvas & Quill and WCYR


Covernotes, one of the WCYR’s newest partners, hosted York Region’s inaugural literary and visual art collaborative installation on Saturday, August 19, from 5-8 pm. Local authors were invited to submit work in four categories (flash fiction, poetry, short story, creative non-fiction) and 8 were selected as creative inspiration. In turn, local artists were invited to create a piece of art based on each of the writings selected for the showcase. A gallery display featured the paired works, where artwork was available for sale, and writers were invited to share their work at the open mic.

Quill & Canvas ~ Partnered Pairs

Brian Michael Barbieto  &  Kylie Jean
Alice Phongsavanh  &  Brooke Orsi
Nikki Donadio Bisset  &  Ana Wood
Mollie Coles Tonn  &  Shannon Phair
Thomas Greenberg  &  Charlie Sakett
Carol Teal  &  Jaclyn Frankum
Corrie Adams  &  Nikki Ernst
Paula Erb  &  Sydney Brunette
Erika Willaert  &  Athena Katerina
Robert Rinne  &  Sam Joy Artcher

Several WCYR writers learned about this wonderful initiative from our newsletter and via our social media, and were encouraged to submit writing pieces for consideration.

Much appreciation goes to Brandon Latcham for spearheading this event, as well as Omar and Ashley, for graciously opening the doors of Covernotes to a packed house. Congratulations to all the writers and artists for their contributions. The second collaborative project will be the inverse experience of the first:

Writers are invited to write a response, in the format of their choice, to the artwork currently on display at Covernotes, titled, “Dining With the Teapot”. Deadline was Thursday, August 31. Good luck to all the writers, and see you at the next Canvas & Quill showcase!









Erika Loughran MacNeil is a dancer by training and teacher by trade, who works as the librarian at Rogers Public School in Newmarket and is the Youth Coordinator for the WCYR’s WriteNow. She is both a poet and flash fiction writer. Her poetry and short prose has appeared in online magazines such as Fiction Wars and CommuterLit, and in anthologies such as Word Play and The Human Condition. Her short memoir was published in 2000 with Raincoast Books in the anthology, Our Grandmothers, Ourselves, and her short story “Canoe Launch” won first place for Kink Library’s MOSAic Magazine in 2012.

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