Did you know about the WCYR’s Writing Grants?

by Jeanette Winsor

One dreary afternoon last February, as I took a rest from flitting between editing my novel and digging into a short story I was striving to carve out, I slipped into the WCYR website and started browsing. I found a curious subheading under Member Login called Writing Grants. Yes, I was aware that our writers’ community offered such grants, but I wasn’t sure when it happened, or where, or how. Luckily¸ I’d encountered this site at the right moment—the time was coming for submissions (between March 1 and June 30). I got down to work on an application.

My most recent novel, According to Daniel, was ready to be published and I needed the expertise of my favorite cover designer to help produce a piece of work that fit nicely with the two previous covers in the three-book series. The application procedure was not complicated. It reminded me of sending work to a publisher, or to a contest, where you follow the rules to a tee with helpful step-by-step instructions to guide you.

The Author Gary D. McGugan Publishing Grant (which I was awarded in September 2023) is offered to any WCYR member who needs help with many pre/during/post publishing practices, such as professional editing, interior formatting, cover design, self-publication, coaching… to name a few. The recipient can receive up to $300 for these expenses.

I am grateful to the WCYR for setting this up, and I certainly appreciate the gift that Gary has offered to me and to our members. With February on the horizon, be on the lookout for upcoming grants. Take the time to fill in your grant application and send it off. It is well worth the effort, and for me, it was an accomplishment that gave me a great deal of personal satisfaction.


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