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Abdulrahman Matar, a Syrian writer and journalist resident in Canada since 2015. He has published five books in poetry, short stories, novels, and political studies. His novel has been translated into English, and will be published later, and a joint book (with refugee writers) will be published for the stories of the book in exile next year. He is the director of the Syrian-Mediterranean Cultural Forum in Canada. He writes in the Arab press.

Writing Focus or Interests

Novel – poetry – political and social research, opinion articles



Professional Skills

Cultural work, press and media, civil society organizations (NGO )

Published Works and Recognitions

1- The Blood is not red (common stories 1983) – Aleph baa/Damascus- Syria / 1983

2- Rain leaves – Poetry – Tanet /Rabat-Morocco /1999

3- Evening Rose – Poetry – Tanet / Rabat-Morocco /2000

4- Mediterranean Studies – Annwras / Damascus- Syria /2001

5- Wild Mirage – Novel- Jadawel / Beirut, Lebanon /2015

Award – the Commitment to the Arts HAPPENING Multicultural / Toronto 2021



–          Writer and journalist, Novelist and poet, painter, from Syria,

–          Bachelor of Sociology, born in Raqqa / Syria- October 25, 1960

–          Managing editor of “AWRAQ” magazine Syrian Writers’ Association

Resident in Canada since 2015, He worked in the culture & media in Syria and Libya & turkey. He is a researcher in Euro-Mediterranean relations, human rights and terrorism issues, and he is an activist on freedoms and civil society issues. Founder and Director of the Mediterranean Studies Center & Syrian-Mediterranean Cultural Forum – SEEGULL.   (He is organizing Arab cultural events, in Ontario).

He publishes the research and weekly opinion article in the Arab press

He has published five books.

He was arrested five times and spent nearly 10 years in prison as a result of his writings, freedom of expression, and his positions on issues of freedom and human rights.

Participated in dozens of international seminars, conferences and cultural events, as a researcher in civil society issues, democracy and human rights, and in culture and literature. & He has also participated in many television programs as a spokesman for politics and culture (Washington – Dubai – Istanbul – London).

His novel “Wild Mirage” deals with his experiences in political imprisonment, torture, deprivation, abuse and the oppression.

Matar is a Membership of:

–         Syrian writers’ Association  (Board Member ) ,

–         Syrian Association of Journalists.

–         Membership of “Writer in Exile” / PEN Canada.

–         Membership of Writers’ Union of Canada.

Award – the Commitment to the Arts HAPPENING Multicultural / Toronto 2021