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I fell in love with poetry more than half a century ago and have never recovered. To date, I’ve published three books and three chapbooks, with several others still in manuscript. My poems have appeared in journals and anthologies in more than a dozen countries from Sweden to Singapore. To me, literature is a constellation of ideas we create and sustain together, one that propels us “into raw zones, suburbs / of a universal sanctuary, / the conscious hologram / of thought’s flawless crystal.” In that place, we are not merely emissaries but citizens.

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•   First Epistle to Dr. Torr, a mock-heroic satire on academia, published by the Gryphon Press, Guelph, ON (1976).

•   Trainer, a collection of poems and prose capturing pilot training in WWII, published by The Paget Press, Sutton West, ON (1980). Critics referred to Trainer as “a combination of fragments that moodily animates the grittiness, the fear, the boyish bravado of another time, a time of war” (William New, Canadian Literature), and “a work of scholarship and imagination” (John Robert Colombo, The Globe & Mail).

•   The Masons, a chapbook of four sonnet-length meditations on English cathedrals – Canterbury (earth), York Minster (air), Saint Paul’s (water), Coventry (fire), published by the Gryphon Press, Guelph, ON (1980), and anthologized by Kind of a Hurricane Press (2015).

•   Aphorisms, a chapbook inspired by Wallace Steven’s “Adagia” in Opus Posthumous, published by the Adela Press, Guelph, ON (1982).

•   Patients First: The Story of Family Medicine in Canada, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, co-authored with Stan Solomon, published by Key Porter Books, Toronto, ON (2004).

•   Antietam, an experimental verse play on the Civil War, won honorary mention in the International War Poetry Contest in Northampton, Massachusetts (2010) and was published online by Winning Writer at 


•   The Best of Grain, edited by Caroline Heath and Ann Szumigalski, Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, Saskatoon, SK (1980).

•   We Stand on Guard, edited by John Robert Colombo and Michael Richardson, Doubleday Canada, Toronto, ON (1985).

•   Stroll of Poets Anthology, edited by Nicholas Mather, Stroll of Poets Society, Edmonton, AB (2008)  

•   Form Quarterly, Volume 1: Sonnets, edited by James P. Wagner, Local Gems Press, Long Island, NY (2015).

•   Element(ary) My Dear, edited by A. J. Huffman and April Salzano, Kind of a Hurricane Press, Daytona Beach, FL (2015).

•   Storm Cycle: Best of Kind of a Hurricane Press, edited by A. J. Huffman and April Salzano, Kind of a Hurricane Press, Daytona Beach, FL (2016)


Individual poems have been published in the following journals: Amsterdam Quarterly, Anansesem, Anatomy & Etymology, Antarctica Journal, Aperçus Quarterly, Ariel Chart, Call & Response, Canadian Family Physician, The Caterpillar Chronicles, Construction, CommuterLit, Contemporary Verse 2, The Copperfield Review, Descant, Do Not Look at the Sun, The Ekphrastic Review, Eunoia Review, Fade, Forage Poetry, Form Quarterly, FreeXpresSions Australia, Frostwriting, The Glass Coin, Grain, Hitherto, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Linnet’s Wings, Nether, Open Minds Quarterly, Petrichor Review, Phantom Kangaroo, Pirene’s Fountain, Poetry Australia, Pyrta, Quatrain Fish, A Quiet Courage, Rat’s Ass Review, Red Ceilings Blog, StepAway Magazine, The Stray Branch, Streetcake Magazine, Poetry Sz, Tipton Poetry Journal, and The Toronto Quarterly.



Peter Taylor has worked as a printer and bookbinder, medical publisher, institute director, and non-profit executive director. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in English, specializing in Renaissance drama. He has published Trainer, The Masons, Aphorisms, and First Epistle to Dr. Torr, and his poems have appeared in journals and anthologies in more than a dozen countries. His experimental verse play on the Civil War, Antietam, won honourable mention in the international War Poetry Contest in Northampton, Massachusetts. His latest chapbook, Hell-box, was published by Frog Hollow Press in May, 2020. He lives in Aurora, Ontario.

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