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An avid reader, amateur psychologist and unrestrained philosopher, careers in opticianry and equestrianism paid my way through life. I have always written, and spent a decade on the Toronto poetry scene. Completed works include two feature length screenplays, a lot of poetry and one book of it, my memoirs in the dressage world, a novel set in 800 A.D. on the Eurasian steppe, and a photo-biography of my cat, For Love of Leo, available on Amazon. Founder of The Moving Finger open stage in Newmarket, and of The King’s Feet Underground Sound & Literary Festival. Co-founder of WriteNow!@King writer’s group. Editor of Timeless Tales Anthology as a director of Arts Society King. Several new works in progress…two biographies, a novelization of a screenplay, and the final draft of Horses of the Sun (the historical novel). Addicted to self-editing, I am willing to be published posthumously. Happy writing everyone!

Writing Focus or Interests

Absolutely everything!! I should live so long to write all that comes to mind. I've never written a stage play.

Professional Skills

Dressage…I am an expert in dressage. Really! But that is of no use here.

Published Works and Recognitions

For Love of Leo, “The Most Beautiful Cat in the World” According to his Lady

The Eagle and the Dove, top 25% in historical drama at the Page Screenplay Awards (7000 entries)

Other wins in essay and poetry contests.


Born Hungary 1953, escaped to Canada with my parents and brother. Yay! Was a celebrated sculptor in Toronto and a child actress from age 7 to 9. Adored school, but never showed up at U of T in English. Forced to make a living in the optical field, which proved an invaluable study in growing up. Married an Argentinian soccer player, a fine man, but it did not stick. Escaped to the horse world. Rode and competed to a national championship, etc. Bred several future champions, including a horse that competed in the World Cup, Sweden, and a track-record holder at Greenwood. Judged competitions internationally and loved coaching. Gave it all up to write, but got lured back in to help an aspiring and inspiring rider. Always and still gathering material for writing, I got what I asked for: a life of adventure.