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D.M. De Alwis was born a storyteller. She’s been crafting stories for 30 years. Her goal in life is to publish an epic that eclipses other world builders like Tolkien, JK Rowling, and Katherine Kerr.

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Young Adult, Fantasy, Children's Books



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The Taking was written over a decade ago and recently self-published.

Short Articles, various publications on Medium.


D.M. De Alwis is a storyteller at heart. Having failed miserably to publish her first novel in 2001, she buried herself in a colorful and international career. Yet, writing remained her passion at heart. Her works can be found in the archival domains of the internet, on Medium, and now self-published on Amazon. Her current undertaking: an epic historical fiction.

I’m joining WCYR in the hopes of learning more about the publishing and literary world, what it means to get coached, and how to spark the interest of a literary agent.

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