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MJ is addicted to writing, helping writers, and cats. She is an English teacher turned freelance writer and editor.

Writing Focus or Interests

Speculative Fiction & Romantic Suspense Writer, Author, Editor, Indie Author Coach.



Professional Skills

SFF Author, Teacher Gr. 4-12, Creative Writing Teacher/Coach, Editing, Theatre Production, Event Planning/Organizing.

Published Works and Recognitions

Time’s Tempest: The Lost Chapters/May 2014

The Chronicles of Xannia: Time’s Tempest / 2014
The Chronicles of Xannia: Cadence of Consequences / 2015
The Chronicles of Xannia: Rebels Rein / 2017

The Chronicles of Xannia: Forgotten Fallacy / 2018

Flawed Attraction Romance: Final Year / 2019

Flawed Attraction Romance: Vice Ride / 2020

Flawed Attraction Romance: Redline Drift / 2020

D.E.M.ON. Tales: Assassin Eco-Corpses / 2019

D.E.M.ON. Tales: Bobcat Got Your Tongue? / 2020

D.E.M.ON. Tales: A Craptacular Understatement / 2020

D.E.M.ON. Tales: Double-Dog Dare Ya / 2021

Shadow Phoenix Volume 1: Episodes 1-4 / 2020

Shadow Phoenix Volume 1: Episodes 5-8 / 2020
The Human Condition Anthology / 2016

Unbound II Anthology: Changed Worlds / 2016

Brave New Girls III: Tales of Heroines Who Hack / 2018

Amazing Stories Magazine: Shadow Phoenix – Answering the Call / 2019

Nefariam: The Element of Crime / 2020
Publicizing Yourself: A Beginners Guide to Author Marketing / 2013
How to Publish Your Book: A Practical Guide to the Publishing World / 2014
The Unofficial Goodreads Author Guide / 2015
Various Articles with Authors Publish Magazine / 2014-2016
Various Articles with Indyfest Magazine / 2016-2018
Various Guest Blog Posts / 2014-Present


MJ Moores is a high school English teacher turned freelance writer, author, and editor (contemporary fiction, young adult, new adult, science fiction, fantasy). Since the birth of her son, writing is in fact the only thing keeping her sane as she casts aside a 10 year career to raise her only child. However, MJ will forever hold teaching near-and-dear to her heart as she continues to mentor and hold workshops on writing in the local community.
MJ has published 12 novels/novellas, has short works in 4 Anthologies, 3 NF Industry eBooks, and has contributed to both Authors Publish Magazine and Indyfest Magazine, in addition to blogging for herself and others.
MJ also runs a website for new and emerging authors, Infinite Pathways, which offers editing & publicity tips, guest contest (poetry, fiction, & opinion pieces), and author spotlights with reviews and interviews. For two years she ran a non-profit affiliate site called JUZDIZRTS, where she hosted author events (meet & greet, readings, & signings) twice annually. MJ’s has transitioned from small book events to large ones, as she launched the WCYR’s first book fair THE BOOKSHELF (2016) and plans to continue her efforts into the near future as an event advisor.
While MJ has move a minimum of 15 times in her life, she will always consider “home” her grandmother’s house — in a small community in North Mississauga — where her scholastic bent toward creative writing was nourished from the ripe age of 9. MJ currently lives in Peel Region North with her husband, son, and Looney-Toon-cat.