Vinita Kinra

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Writing Focus or Interests

Novel, Short Story, Poetry, Journalism, Songwriting, Quotations.

Professional Skills

Author, Editor, Speaker, Activist and Workshop Leader.

Published Works and Recognitions

Pavitra in Paris: Stories For Life, published by Greengardens Media in 2013.


Author Vinita Kinra (2)Vinita Kinra is a multi-talented literary artist who juggles heavyweight tasks of writing creative fiction, quotations and poems, along with public speaking on global issues like environmental protection, women’s empowerment and youth education among others. She also edits books that fall into the literary fiction genre.

Vinita’s debut collection of short stories titled Pavitra in Paris earned her great accolades from media across North America, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and New York.

Her next book, IMAGINE, Selected Quotations by Vinita Kinra, will be launched in 2015. R.K. Pachauri, Nobel Laureate and Chairperson of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), praised Vinita’s quotations on the environment by calling them “Relevant” and “Perceptive.”

Vinita is also working on her novel, Live and Let us Live, a gripping suspense between life and death, set in the burning backdrop of climate change in the pristine Himalayan valleys of India.

Vinita is an active Public Speaker and her speeches have attracted wide media attention, including CBC Radio One.

She has a massive following of over 70,000 fans on her Facebook author page where she regularly shares her innovative quotations and information about her many public engagements.

She is frequently invited to lead workshops, deliver speeches, and host events in the Greater Toronto Area.

Vinita holds a Master’s degree (M.A.) in French and has taught English to B.A. level students at French universities of Grenoble and Orleans. She lives in the Lakeshore area of Toronto with her husband and daughter.