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Author of The Foraging Cookbook, (as well as 16 other books as a ghostwriter). I’m an accomplished freelance writer, researcher and editor with over twenty years experience. When I’m not writing, I’m outdoors either studying edible wild plants and mushrooms, hiking or just finding a quiet spot to read and enjoy the sounds and smells of a forest no matter what the season.

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Non-fiction, natural health writing, ghostwriting



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Writer, researcher & editor

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In July 2020, The Foraging Cookbook I wrote for Callisto Media in NYC was released.


I’m a Chartered Herbalist, ¬†Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist, Certified Master Naturalist, (soon-to-be) Certified Nutritionist, and I have an S.S.W. (High Honours with Distinction). Some of my memberships include: Ontario Herbalists Association, American Botanical Council, Field Botanists of Ontario, Toronto Mycological Society, North American Native Plant Society, York Simcoe Nature Club, and the York Region Writers Community. I am a writer for several websites and I have contributed to numerous print media publications including Vitality Magazine and Edible Vancouver. I am a former editor of The Month Ahead in Newmarket and Aurora; former managing editor for Green Solutions Magazine and for Post 420 Medical Marijuana Magazine.


As a ghostwriter I have written 18 books of which 16 were published by mainstream publishers. I have authored Fields of Nutrition and Winter Survival Food (my own publications).


Having a broad diversity of interests has enable me to successfully write about many topics but my passion is in natural health and nutrition.


I am an author, professional freelance writer, researcher, and a wild food educator. I have lectured for schools, a multitude of community groups, Lakehead University, and many notable events including the International Herbal Association’s annual meeting.


Media has recognized my role as a wild food educator. I have been interviewed on several CBC radio stations, Rogers Television, CITY-TV, and in a variety of print media.


I launched EdibleWildFood.com in August 2011 and thousands of people are on my website every day. I produce PDF magazine publications about wild foods, and I authored Fields of Nutrition and Winter Survival Food.