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Cathy Smith is an indigenous writer who lives on an Indian
Reservation in Canada. She has 31 publication credits. She has
also won an honorable mention from the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of
the Future contest and is a co-winner of the 2016 Imagining Indigenous
Futurism Contest.You can follow her latest projects at

Writing Focus or Interests

fantasy, scifi, indigenous


Professional Skills

research, record keeping

Published Works and Recognitions


“Bad Medicine”. L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest Honorable Mention. August 1, 2008


“Pretty White Snake”. Anthropomorphic Dreams. June 2011.


“Where is Shingebiss?”. Anthropomorphic Dreams. January 2012


“Gifts from a Grim Godfather”. Gothic Blue Book Volume IV: The Folklore Edition. Burial Day Books. October 2014.


“The Psychic Fair”. Chilling Ghost Short Stories. Flame Tree Publishing. September 2015.


“Jubilee”. Game Fiction Anthology: Volume 1. Gold Shader Press. August 2015.


“The Great Prospectus”. Into the Mist.  ACA Books. December 2015.


“Oienkwaonwe.”  Mitewachimowina: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling. Theytus Books. December 2016.


“Liquid Courage.” 2016 Imagining Indigenous Futurism Contest co-winner. March 11, 2017.


“A New Genome.” 49th Parallels. Bundoran Press. October 2017


“Welcome, Furries.” Exploring New Places. FurPlanet Productions. July 2018


“Canuck Futures and Commodities.” Amazing Stories Volume 76 Issue 4. Summer 2019


“A Scrappy Start.” ROAR Volume 10. Bad Dog Books. July 2019


“Guardian Angel”. Write Ahead/The Future Looms. March 2019 & April 2019.


“Bad Medicine”. Bawaajigan Anthology. Exile Writers. December 2019


“The Descent of Reginal Pembroke.” Dream Realms of Cthulu. Alban Lake Publishing.  2020.


“Intellectual Capital”. Write Ahead/The Future Looms Issue 2. 2019.


“Goodminds.” Before the Usual Time: Collection of Indigenous Stories, Poems and Art. Latitude 49 Publishing. April 2020.


“Spike the Cyclops Goat.” The Gray Sisters Present. Write Brain Artistry. June 2020.


“Barney the Boy Reader”. Flash in a Flash Newsletter. October 20, 2020.


“Kanohsa“. Little Blue Marble. February 2021.


“Sigyn’s Silfr.” Truancy Magazine. July 31, 2021


“The Remnant.” Mysterion. January 24, 2022.


“Reflections of the Mohawks.” Cloud Lake Literary, Volume 4. Spring 2022.


“Flint.”  Fantastic Schools, Vol. 6. Fall 2022.

“Nerodivergent Hire.” Renaissance. November 2022



“Wampum Writing.” Voice: Appropriation and Representation in Canada. Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. upcoming in 2019


“Uncozy Mysteries.” parABnormal Magazine. Alban Lake Publishing. December 2019


“Edith Wharton Used Her Ghost Stories For Social Critiques.” parABnormal Magazine  Alban Lake Publishing. June 2020.


“Complacence is a Danger in My Home.”  Writing Home Covid Edition podcast. June 24, 2020


“Why Haudenosaunee Mourners Miss Their 10 Day Feasts.” Hungry Zine. 2020.


“Memory Keeper Passes Along Memories to the Next Generation.” Hamilton Review of Books. May 2022.


Cathy Smith is an indigenous writer who lives on an Indian

Reservation in Canada.

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