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Writer, author, editor, publisher

In 2012 I started my writing journey. In 2015, my journey as a publisher began. With a wonderful but small staff, the dream began.

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Science Fiction, Fantasy, Y/A Fantasy, Fiction, Horror


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Writing, content editing, publishing

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Past staff writer for Ind’Tale Magazine – A Written View
Past staff writer, distribution editor, and digital layout manager of Indifest Magazine
Past Board Member of the WCYR

The Spear Series – Y/A Fantasy
A Spear in Flight – 2013
A Sharp Spear Point – 2014
Slashed by a Spear Staff – 2015
Broken World
The Hordes – 2017
Family – 2018

China Girl – 2020


Blood Cell Series:
The Awakening of Gregory
Blood Trail

Joshua 48

Assasins of Tomorrow

The Wonderers


For many years I have enjoyed reading the works of others while creating manuals and guides for the corporate world. I felt as if something was missing, for the belief there was more to life than such a mundane existence gushed within me.

I was first introduced to the role of an author at a young age by a wonderful English teacher. Her desire to unlock my abilities went unrewarded, for even though she had faith in me, I did not. I dodged and spurned homework at every turn, causing frustration to well within her beyond belief.

It was not until I was older (and hopefully wiser) that I started to enjoy writing. It began when D&D was introduced to me. I would write elaborate backgrounds for characters, make adventures and participate in the great journey of discovery. These techniques are still used when creating current works of fiction.

Now, with half a century behind me, I find my talents surfaced. My adventure changed from manuals on selling or the corporate ISO 9001 writing to actual fiction. And after several years with some success, there are four books published along with several short stories.

In 2014 the WCYR requested that I take up the challenge of Special Events Coordinator, and now part of my free time is dedicated to helping our members become known through any means necessary.

In 2015 DAOwen Publications came to be, holding the imprints Love Knot Books, Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications, Tumbleweed Books, and Wicked Tales. As of 2016, we have 12 novels published with one receiving two awards from the Independent Author’s Network in the US.

I continue to write daily, with my latest novel “The Hordes” being the latest creation during NaNoWriMo. The NaNoWriMo challenge pushed me to write 62,000 words, completing the manuscript in 10 days.

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