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After a long and successful career in the world of corporate business, I finally have time to tell stories. So far, I’ve published a trilogy of corporate intrigue (Three Weeks Less a DayThe Multima Scheme, Unrelenting Peril) using fictional Multima Corporation as a backdrop and the world as its setting. In April 2020, I released Pernicious Pursuit — A Howard Knight Escapade. Starting in September, I’ll serve WCYR as Co-Chair of the Board and look forward to interacting with our entire membership!

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Fiction – Novels of Corporate Intrigue & International Thrillers


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Retired successful business executive with global experience.

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Pernicious Peril – A Howard Knight Escapade – International Thriller – Fiction – Published 2020

Unrelenting Peril – Third novel about the goings on at Multima Corporation- Fiction – Published 2019

The Multima Scheme – A Novel filled with Corporate Suspense – Fiction – Published 2018

Three Weeks Less a Day – A Novel of Corporate Intrigue – Fiction – Published 2016

NEEDS Selling Solutions – Practical Advice to help sales professionals identify opportunities, qualify prospects, and sell more effectively – Published 2009 (Co-Authored with Jeff F. Allen)


I love writing!

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