Erika Willaert

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Dancer by training. Teacher by trade. Singer and painter on the side. Mother of two and dog owner. Movie buff and karaoke queen.

Writing Focus or Interests

Poetry. Flash fiction.

Professional Skills

Teacher (dance/drama/music/art/writing), Networker, Public Speaker, group dynamic facilitator, editor

Published Works and Recognitions

“Sign of the Dragon”, Our Grandmothers, Ourselves, Raincoast Books, 1999

“Canoe Launch”, King MOSAiC (ASK), Fall 2012

“Titania”, Wordplay, 2013

“Abate”, Scugog Arts Council, 2016

“Raw”, “Absence”, The Human Condition, 2016






After a 15 year hiatus, Erika has recovered her narrative voice, thanks to the Night Writers, Mark McCutcheon, and Isobel Warren.

A resident of historic Newmarket, Erika grew up in Willowdale, attending Claude Watson School for the Arts and Earl Haig SS, circa 1981-1990.

She is a graduate of York University (Fine Arts Studies, French) and earned her teaching degree there (junior/intermediate, dance and French).

She is the teacher-librarian at Rogers PS in Quaker Hill. Her son, Lukas, is a drummer, and her daughter, Saskia, is a dancer.

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