Membership Perks: Discounts for WCYR-sponsored Workshops / Retreats

By: Linda Francis

As most of us know, any kind of “professional development” can get costly. Some seminars are very expensive, and we don’t necessarily want or need to take a full-blown college or university course… but, we need some help with what we’re working on.

Have you ever wondered about refining your writing skills? Are you looking for peer reviews with published authors? The WCYR is just the place for the seminars you need!

Need to kick start your muse? Gwynn Scheltema and Ruth Walker offer the Kindle Your Creative Fire: inspiration and exercises free seminar to members.

Ever thought of taking your story and making it something more? It could be a short story to novel or a novel to a screenplay. Film Producer Sean Cisterna visited us last season!

Need work on building that great universe for your story? Heather M. O’Connor offers insight in her seminar World Building: It’s Not Just for Fantasy. Note this seminar is not free.

How about creating solid characters (like villains or protagonists)? MJ Moores offers a free workshop on Developing Dynamic Villains, and Ibi Kaslik can help you with a seminar on Creating Compelling Characters.

Need some time away from it all just to focus on your writing? We know of a retreat for that! How about access to groups such as Ink Slingers, Writing From the Centre, or Writescape to help with tranquility, focus, and one-on-one advice?

Belonging to the WCYR gives you access to events such as these and so much more! Check out the WCYR website for upcoming seminars and see what works for you.

When you drop in for a monthly seminar or workshop, not only do you receive expert advice, you get to put into practice what you learn. And you get to network with your peers.

Are you holding (or interested in holding) a writers’ retreat or giving a workshop on craft? We want to know! We’ll help you put bottoms in chairs and spread the word. Member/Instructor Sandy Day often holds one-day Lakeside Writing Retreats at a cottage on Jackson’s Point – want to learn more?

The craft of writing is an ever-evolving and never ending journey. So much of our time is spent on our own, within our universes and with our characters. Sometimes, though, we need a little help – another point of view, that second set of eyes, a different perspective.

WCYR sponsored workshops help you not only with your work in progress, they keep you up-to-date on current trends and give you access to other like-minded writers.

This is just another way it’s great to be a WCYR member!

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Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor
5 years ago

Dear Writers

I would love to join your group if I may. I’m a newbie for sure but I have ambitions and lots of time to spend (and also a publisher!!) I’ve been having some trouble in joining a writer’s group as they seem to sometimes be hard to join.

Thank you, Karen