Membership Perks: The WCYR Blogging Experience

By: Linda Francis

Did you ever wonder why it’s a great idea to join the Writers’ Community of York Region (WCYR)? Well, there’s a whole list of reasons!

How about: getting some experience with blogging!

Have you read some blogs, and thought: “I wonder if that is something for me?”, or “Hey, I could do that!” Then your next thought is probably something along the lines of: “Where do I start?” or “Now what?”

As a member of the WCYR, you can start with us!

The WCYR gives its members the awesome opportunity to publish blogs through our Easy Writer Blog. We are looking to showcase our diverse group of writers’ voices, from beginner to experienced, from a variety of genres, all with the aim of engaging our readers in the exploration of the life of writing.

General posts are unpaid, usually shorter in length, and reflect topics that are a more relaxed/professional blog style. These posts typically share an experience, relay personal insight, explore a concept or idea.

Paid posts are usually longer in length, formatted in an article-style or personal essay-style blog. These posts aim to teach the reader or share an idea/lesson learned.

Upon approval/acceptance of your paid blog post, WCYR pays $50 per accepted published blog post. There is a maximum of one paid blog post published per member each WCYR season (running September to August), and only one per month.

Belonging to the WCYR allows you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

You get to write the post.

You’ll receive professional feedback on your post.

You’ll can gain invaluable industry experience in blogging with a recognized, professional organization.

An amazing way to share and connect with your peers that doubles as a great avenue to add to your portfolio!

So, do have advice you’d like to share? We need to hear it!

The journey of writing is a very personal one. You may think, “I’m not a blogger.” How do you know if you’ve never even tried? Approaching your writing from another perspective, getting your name out there, exploring

new skills and experiences with your writing are all exciting possibilities to spread your creative wings and try something new and different.

If you’re interested and want to see what it all entails, check the Easy Writer Blog on the site! For more details on what our requirements are, see the Guest Blogging Guidelines.

Blogging with the WCYR is an extraordinary way of trying something new. Who knows: maybe you’re better at it than you realize?

This is one way it’s great to be a WCYR member!

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