Mindshift Ninja Reflections 

Last week, the Writers’ Community of York Region presented Mindshift Ninja and “Motivating the Creative Mind.” This workshop helped me define who I am as a writer and the reason I write. Being able to articulate my personal and professional goals, and how I am inspired to meet them, made me aware of practical applications for my writing coupled with my emotional drive to put pen to paper. Goal setting can be a daunting task when you place it on a timeline, and the growth Mindshift Ninja presented in this workshop assisted me in building an intentional framework to support a natural cycle of creativity that honours all the stages of an endeavour. Self-awareness illuminates our path toward self-actualization, the peak of Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs. Being given the opportunity for self-reflection is a rare gift of dedicated time carved out of our hectic lives. It has been humbling to experience how investment in one’s self returns sevenfold.

Coming in February: Author Platform Workshop with MJ Moores — a free members-only event.

Erika Loughran MacNeil is a dancer by training and teacher by trade, who works as the librarian at Rogers Public School in Newmarket and is the Youth Coordinator for the WCYR’s WriteNow. She is both a poet and flash fiction writer. Her poetry and short prose has appeared in online magazines such as Fiction Wars and CommuterLit, and in anthologies such as Word Play and The Human Condition. Her short memoir was published in 2000 with Raincoast Books in the anthology, Our Grandmothers, Ourselves, and her short story “Canoe Launch” won first place for Kink Library’s MOSAic Magazine in 2012.

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