No More Writing Classes with Maaja Wentz

Fun, funny, interesting. What more could we ask for? Maaja took us on a journey through her experiences with writing courses. Have you ever come out of a course feeling like writing is work? For fiction writers (that’s who she focused on), writing shouldn’t feel like work. Maaja asked us not to fall into “workshop syndrome,” where many writers satisfy their need to be heard by joining workshops. She also encouraged us to practice “creative wellness” – be conscious of where you’re spending your “energy pennies.”

Maaja’s advice is not a “one size fits all”. We have to do what’s best for us, not do what everyone else is doing. However, it is also important to be part of a writing circle, like the WCYR, and connect with other writers, as we do at the monthly events and weekly write-ins. They give us an opportunity to connect while also giving us dedicated writing time.

Maaja compared workshops and classes, conventions, and conferences. She asked us: Where can we get a lot packed into a short amount of time? What are the advantages? Are there any downsides? Would we be better off writing?

In the short time of Maaja’s workshop, she included the best bits of the courses and experiences she’s had, writing advice and resources. Stretch yourself. Take on challenges. But don’t forget – What does writing mean to you?

Upcoming Events

Writers’ Community of Durham Region and Writers’ Community of York Region bring you Kenneth Oppel on May 3 in the evening. We’ll be Zooming. Discounted fee for members. Kenneth Oppel is the internationally bestselling, award-winning author of 36 books for children and young adults. His books feature memorable characters, page-turner plots and intricate, well-researched worlds. Join the WCYR and the WCDR from the comfort of your own home for your chance to learn from one of Canada’s most celebrated authors—someone who has had a lifelong love affair with the written word. Whether you write for kids, for adults, or for your own joy, this online workshop will help you with some of the most essential aspects of writing craft: character, plot and research. Bring your questions! The hour-long craft workshop will be followed by a half-hour Q and A session. Sign up here.

Do you have the tendency to write yourself into a corner only to discover that the plot bunny you were chasing morphed into a dust bunny and left you without, well, a way out? What about exploring those fun yet mysterious rabbit holes that take you to strange places (like poor little Alice)? Do you find yourself lost? Stuck? Off the beaten path? Having difficulty seeing your story for all that distracting… fur? Join MJ Moores in a (yet another) fun, hands-on members only workshop where she’ll take you through a variety of different writing tasks — based around the Socratic Method — meant to nudge you out of your creative corners. Discover (or re-discover) how to use ‘questioning’ to your advantage to find the right plot bunny to chase next. Sign up here.

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