Privacy Officer

Privacy Officer 

Expectation of Duties

Core/General Duties

The WCYR Privacy officer will be a conduit for any queries or complaints about website privacy from members or visitors to .

At least quarterly, the Privacy Officer will review all WCYR activities to assure all are consistent with our established Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions of Use. As necessary, the Privacy Officer will highlight any privacy concerns reported or discovered to the Board of Directors. As necessary, the Privacy Officer will propose to the board of directors any modifications necessary to make the Privacy Statement & Terms & Conditions on the website consistent with actual WCYR activities and assure necessary changes are made in a timely manner.

Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations

Attend whenever possible to help support the WCYR initiative and to help in any way possible regarding meeting setup/take down, and make note of any upcoming events announced that might directly pertain to the Social Media Assistant’s position.

Availability/Time Commitments

Attends Board meetings as well as monthly meetings whenever possible, reporting and offering assistance as needed. Sets a personal schedule to be able to maintain a balance between productivity and personal life, making sure the Chair of the board is aware of schedule.