Querying about Queries with MJ Moores

MJ Moores

Our First Re-imagined Online Workshop!

Last month’s “Querying about Queries” was the first of the WCYR’s transformed online workshops. MJ gathered us together on the Cisco WebEx platform. After everyone connected (and some of the communication buttons were explained), MJ began.

One of the first things we learned about all query letters was one of the most important. When submitting to a publisher or agent read the guidelines. Go to their page, the agency guidelines page, the specific page of the agent, the publisher, whoever you are submitting to, and do your research. If you do not adhere to the guidelines, then nothing you have written in your query letter will matter, because that person will not read it.

If you follow the guidelines and an agent has your query letter in their hands (or on their screens), what’s next?

There are multiple parts to a good query letter and all of them deserve time and care. MJ broke down what needs to be included. The salutation, hook/logline, teaser/pitch, your bio, the closing, and your links. MJ led us through each part of the query letter, explaining the differences and why they were important. A few members of the group had MJ diving deep into the difference between the “hook” and the “blurb.” She explained what we should include in our bios, what was and wasn’t necessary. Closing remarks should be brief, and remember to say thank you! We were also reminded that one query letter doesn’t fit all. As each agent and publisher has different guidelines, likes, and dislikes, your query letter will need to change to capture their attention.

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