Program Coordinator


Expectation of Duties

Core/General Duties

The role of the Guest Speaker and Workshop Coordinator is to find interesting and qualified guests to speak at the WCYR monthly seminars and organize the venues. Guest speakers can be “Sage on the Stage” types, where the audience profits from the experience of a published author or speakers can facilitate a workshop on a specific writing topic. The Program Coordinator also organizes the member-run workshops.

WCYR Monthly Events

  • Gather information about possible guest speakers through book events, conferences, referrals, and other writing groups.
  • Pool board’s resources to find new speakers and contacts.
  • Along with the board’s approval, set the dates for upcoming meetings (generally a year in advance)
  • Contact guest speakers to make arrangements for their appearance.
  • Book the meeting venues.
  • Get photo, bio and blurb from the guest speaker and create an event page on the WCYR site using the Event Espresso (or coordinate this with Webmaster).
  • Confirm with guest speakers ahead of time and be sure that their audio-visual needs are met at the venue.
  • Verify that upcoming meetings are included in the WCYR newsletter and social media posts.
  • Create flyers and posters with upcoming meetings to give away at events and post at libraries and other public venues.

Free Member Only Workshops

  • Collect proposals for workshops from WCYR members (or sisterships: WCDR/WCSC/WEN) for free workshops and present them to the board.
  • Create SurveyMonkey survey with all approved workshops proposals and tally results.
  • Create event for each workshop on WCYR site using Event Espresso (or coordinate this with the Webmaster).
  • Organize payment for member presenters.

The week leading up to the seminar/workshop:

  • Organize the details of the seminar. Details include: member reader, board member speeches (upcoming events, etc.), opening ice-breaker/prompt writing, raffle, presentation of thank you cheque to speaker.
  • Organize food and beverages for the meeting in conjunction with the Hospitality Coordinator.
  • Create an agenda for meeting and send it to all relevant parties.
  • Contact all registered guests by email as a reminder.
  • Print list of registered guests and contact any members whose payments failed. Give list to Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Registration Desk Volunteer.
  • Print Early Bird tickets for all members who registered before month end.
  • Connect again with guest speaker for any last minute emergencies.
  • Make sure that Treasurer has the cheque and thank you card done for guest speaker. If treasurer won’t be present at the meeting, be sure to get the cash box ahead of time.
  • Make sure all supplies are ready for the meeting. Supplies include: name tag stickers, flyers, banner, member books sign, etc.

At the meeting:

  • Arrive approx. 30 minutes prior to event to be sure the venue is set up properly, audio visual is working and refreshments are ready.
  • Greet guests at registration, take payment and give out name tags.
  • Greet guest speaker and organize their needs for the meeting as well as any books for sale they might have.
  • Follow agenda to be sure that meeting moves along smoothly.

General Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations

Attend whenever possible to help support the WCYR initiative and to aid in any way regarding meeting setup/take down.

Availability/Time Commitments

Attends Board meetings as well as monthly meetings, reporting and offering assistance as needed. Sets a personal schedule to be able to maintain a balance between productivity and personal life, making sure the Team is aware of said schedule.