Social Media Leader

Social Media Leader

Expectation of Duties

Core/General Duties

Develop and Execute an ongoing Social Media campaign for approval by the board of directors to inform current members and attract new members.

  1. Act as Social Media leader on behalf of WCYR, including creating and executing an annual plan for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  2. Coordinate with Public Relations Rep, Seminar-Workshop Coordinator, Blog coordinator, & Special Events Coordinator to assure events of interest to members are featured in timely messages to encourage optimum member participation.
  3. Responsibility for creating posts or tools that attract attention to WCYR programs, individual members and benefits to WCYR membership including but not limited to:
  • New Book Releases
  • WCYR Featured Writer of the Week
  • Contests
  • The Bookshelf
  • WCYR Writers Conference

Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations

Attend whenever possible to help support the WCYR initiative and to help in any way possible regarding meeting setup/take down, and make note of any upcoming events announced that might directly pertain to the Social Media leader’s position.

Availability/Time Commitments

Attends Board meetings as well as monthly meetings whenever possible, reporting and offering assistance as needed. Sets a personal schedule to be able to maintain a balance between productivity and personal life, making sure the Team is aware of a schedule.