Special Events Coordinator


Expectation of Duties


Core/General Duties

 The role of the Special Events Coordinator is to find opportunities for members of the community for public appearances and to bring awareness to our community of writers via a variety of special events. These opportunities include, but are not limited to: public sales events, markets, meetings, speaking, festivals, readings, contests, and signings. The Main Coordinator oversees the duties of the Co-coordinator, Grants/Contest Coordinator, and any open mic readings or special events held by or in partnership with the WCYR.

The Coordinator will use the budget assigned annually to help fund events within (approximately) a 100 kilometre distance of the organization’s home base, and arrange for attendance of members at such events. The Coordinator may also help organize events outside the 100 kilometre range and, at their discretion, assign funding from the annual budget accordingly.

The Coordinator is to keep the membership appraised of events through the newsletter, website forum, and/or mailing author-member mailing list, collect fees (if any) for the event(s) from members, and submit any forms or paperwork to secure placement of the membership in the event. The Coordinator is to keep track of historical events attended by the membership in order to deem if future attendance is in the best interest of the membership and report to said membership accordingly.

WCYR Events Include by are not Limited to

  • Word on the Street
  • Weaving Words
  • The Bookshelf Book Fair
  • Library Signings
  • Public Fairs
  • Public Shows
  • Open Microphone Readings
  • Organized Cons
  • Any literary events where book selling by individuals takes place
  • Any public events where book selling may take place
  • Any private events where book selling may take place

Fees and Subsidies

  • Be responsible for holding a budget determined by the Board at the start of each fiscal year.
  • Be responsible for recording the spending of such budget and reporting the balance at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Announce subsidies for events to participating members.
  • Pay or reimburse members from the budget as needed.
  • Collect fees from members attending events.

General Event Expectations

 Attend, whenever possible, the booked events and ensure sponsored events have the necessary WCYR pamphlets and newsletter sign-up sheet available to the public. Verify the events are well run and attended by the public. Report events and mark them on a future list to attend or avoid. Report said findings to the membership and board at seminars and meetings.

Availability/Time Commitments

Attends Board meetings as well as monthly meetings, reporting and offering assistance as needed. Sets a personal schedule to be able to maintain a balance between productivity and personal life, making sure the Team is aware of said schedule.