Spring Anthology – Writing Contest Winners Announcement!

And the Winners Are…

By: Nanci Pattenden

Earlier this year, WCYR partnered with Cardinal Press Espresso Bar for their first writing contest. It was a prompt-driven contest, with the writing and editing all taking place on site at  Cardinal Press over two days. The prompt was simple: Spring, Death, Rebirth. It was not genre-specific, and covered both prose and poetry.

After much deliberation, with the help of volunteer judges Rob Rinne and Amanda Torgis, the winning entries were selected and authors notified by email. Without further ado, the winners are  (in no particular order) :

Short Story

The Caged Angel, by Norman Gray

Peace, by Nanci Pattenden

Inked, by Maria Marchese

Project Rebirth, by Justin Wright


Never Mind the Eclipse, by Nikki Donadio

Enigma, by Kamal Parmar

Favorite Story

The Caged Angel, by Norman Gray

Favorite Poem

Never Mind the Eclipse, by Nikki Donadio

Spotlight Authors

Anne Lumley

Joshua Bruce Smith

The zine is expected to be published by early summer, in conjunction with Cardinal Press’s next contest to be held late May/early June. Both the Cardinal Press Team and WCYR thank everyone for their time and for sharing their talent with us.

(Photos taken by Greg King and MJ Moores)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Current publications: Detective Hodgins Victorian Mystery Series D.E.M.ON. Tales - Humourous Paranormal Anthology - The Human Condition - One story, Junior CSI

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