The Book Coach: The Writer’s BFF

Ever wanted a bff who would be as invested in your writing ideas and publishing goals as you are? If so, then you’ve been secretly wishing you had a book coach. Come to this session to find out what it is like to work with a book coach. Book coaches help by providing editorial guidance, but even as importantly, through offering accountability and emotional support. Who is it that made up the rule that “good” writing comes from solitary suffering or that “real” writers struggle for years to figure it out on their own? Read more

Diving Deep into POV

What is “point of view,” when it comes to writing great fiction? And why is it so important? Implementing good point-of-view practices can be daunting. Learn how. Come ready to polish a scene from your work-in-progress or work from provided prompts to learn to integrate good POV practices in your fiction. Read more