Collaborating for Success: No Writer is an Island

Regardless of which path you pursue as an author, collaboration is going to be a key element along the way.
Yes, what an author does, especially when sitting alone in front of a keyboard and composing words, can be a solitary pursuit. But when it comes to all other aspects of a writer’s life, real success comes from the collaborations made along the way. Whether it’s a collaboration with an editor, an agent, a publisher, or even a DIY self-publishing platform, virtually every other important task in your writing life will include some sort of collaboration. How can you navigate these relationships and the challenges that come with them in order to achieve your long-term goals for writing success? Read more

Scrivener for Beginners

Back by popular demand.  In this members-only workshop, Kim will walk us through the process of getting ourselves up and running on the Scrivener program. Stick around for advanced tips and tricks that will get you organized and motivated to write. Read more

Diving Deep into POV

What is “point of view,” when it comes to writing great fiction? And why is it so important? Implementing good point-of-view practices can be daunting. Learn how. Come ready to polish a scene from your work-in-progress or work from provided prompts to learn to integrate good POV practices in your fiction. Read more

November 2019’s Page Turner

After it’s over, of course, you want to kick yourself for all the things you didn’t see at the time. The Had-I-But-Known school of private investigation perhaps. My name is Kinsey Millhone and most of my reports begin the same way. I start by asserting who I am and what I do, as though by stating the same few basic facts I can make sense out of everything that comes afterward. Read more