This is How I do It

by Mark Koning, Author

“Sometimes we work in a dense fog that becomes recognized as creative genius only after we are gone.”

I’m sure that everyone has their reasons for writing and I am certain as well that some similarities amongst us all lie within those reasons.

Creativity, passion, love, life, understanding, kinship, acceptance. These are some of my reasons. And so I tell myself, each and every time:

“Throw it all away if you want.”

“Start all over from scratch at any time, if that is what you need.”

“You are allowed to go back to that crumpled up piece of paper.”

Don’t pay attention to that saying, “If you don’t do it now, you never will.” Don’t allow it to echo in your ear.

Almost every course or presentation I have witnessed, almost every book I’ve read, has said, “There are no rules and it is all up to you,” and then proceed to say, “This is how you do it.”

Well, this is how I do it: With an open mind.

I show up when the time is right for me.

I write with my emotions.

I am my own audience.

I am my own genre.

I write for hope and I write for truth. I write to free myself. To laugh, to cry, to hurt and to love. I write for you and for me, to become aware. There is much to experience and share and I feel good about putting that on paper.

I have spent a good portion of my life feeling lost and confused, but with the art of storytelling, putting pen to paper, it has helped me to feel found… like I belong.

Through fiction and non-fiction, blogging, short stories, and everything either in between or beyond, I have discovered my own therapy, comfort and inspiration.

Any feelings of desperation or loneliness have been altered through the art of writing. These feelings have not vanished completely. I think for me, they will always be lingering and on occasion find a way to resurface. But this is, the truth writing allows me to be honest and comfortable. The words and stories my mind creates have given me voice, strength, appreciation and comprehension.

In many ways, my writing journey reflects my life journey. I leave ambitions at the door while my pen guides with my heart.

I have grown with some awesome and talented characters. I have visited and toured some fantastical worlds. I have simply had fun! I am here to tell a story, mine or someone else’s. I am here to share that story and maybe, along the way, you will want to listen, to read, to feel.

Written by Mark Koning

From an early age, a creative imagination turned into a passion, mostly by means of drawing and making up short stories. A Creative Writing diploma, along with support from family and friends, helped Mark begin putting ideas onto paper in the form of articles and short stories. The dystopian series Chronicles of Girl as well as his memoir Challenging Barriers & Walking the Path are only part of the journey. Writing, telling a story, inspiring and growing, with others and himself, is the goal. Visit and connect with Mark at

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