What to Expect

WCYR meetings and workshops are your opportunity to network with your colleagues, hear a dynamite industry speaker talk about some aspect of the writing/editing/publishing/ marketing distributing world of books, and to just get out of your garret and hang with other writers for a few soul satisfying hours.

What to expect at a WCYR luncheon meeting

1. Expect to meet a wide spectrum of writers! Our membership includes people who are just dreaming about writing, closet scribblers, committed amateurs, and seasoned professionals. We have bloggers, non-fiction writers, romance novelists, freelancers, children’s writers, poets, and writers of historical fiction. No matter what your interest in writing is, you are welcome to come and take part.

2. Double check when the event starts. WCYR meets and workshops do not all start at the same time. Some are early morning; others take place in the evening.

3. “Write Away” is a free, prompted-writing practice to give our members a chance to limber up their creative muscles. This writing group is open to anyone registered for the meeting and usually begins shortly before. Be sure to bring pen and paper and check the start time on your registration confirmation for more information.

4. As the doors open, we offer pre-event networking. Grab a cup of coffee or tea (please bring along a mug) and take a few minutes to meet some of the other community members. You can browse the member book table, or take a look through the lending library (kindly provided by volunteer librarian Sherry Loeffler).

5. We also feature a five-minute reading by a member, announcements, a raffle, and an early-bird draw (if you register early for the next meeting you can win a free meeting or event).

6. Our guest speakers or workshop leaders are chosen for their knowledge and experience in the writing and publishing industries. We have had the privilege of hosting a wide variety of experts including successful novelists, editors, agents, publishers, and creative writing teachers.

7. Often our speakers will allot a few minutes for questions and book signings. Bring your questions.