Board Chair


Expectation of Duties



Core/General Duties

Acts as the figurehead for the WCYR organization and promotes good-will toward the community, its members, and initiatives by:

  1. Being a conduit of accessibility at Board Meetings and Seminar/Workshops.
  2. Organizing and Moderating Board Meetings.
  3. Ensuring the smooth running of all areas of the TEAM.
  4. Helpping guide and see the fulfillment of ideas and projects to better the community.
  5. Responding to inquiries (received through the website) that are not related to other Board Member duties (e.g. membership). Refer such enquiries to the appropriate Board Member.
  6. Assisting the other Team Members as needed.

Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations

  1. Attend seminars and meetings whenever possible (notify the board when cannot attend).
  2. Is willing and able to assist as necessary to help fill a need/void (within reason).
  3. Attend workshops and special events whenever possible to continue a supportive role for all those involved.
  4. Provide an agenda for, and run, board meetings.
  5. Support/create special group initiatives whenever possible & with reasonable time commitments.

Availability/Time Commitments

The Board Chair should “acknowledge” any message/missive/call/etc. within 24 hours of its receipt (barring weekends and scheduled time away). In the acknowledgement they will then advise those involved of when they will be able to fully address the query based on their availability/schedule — which will be made public to all Team members.

It is imperative to maintain a certain level of communication with the Board Advisor and other Team members beyond Seminars and Board meetings. This will allow for a sense of unity and a clarity of purpose when working with all those involved with the WCYR initiative.

Never assume that other Team members should be expected to perform/participate in any capacity outside of their outlined duties or beyond the time they have agreed to commit to performing said duties. However, Board members should have a certain amount of flexibility and willingness to help regarding agreed-upon initiatives and joint projects.

NOTE: You must have volunteered as a Team member in some capacity for at least 1 year before being considered for this position.