Member Workshop Proposal Info

Share Your Knowledge and Expertise

Our member-run Workshops are a hit! This year, tap into the know-how of fellow WCYR members with our Members-only workshops and consider becoming a leader.

The WCYR Board is seeking proposals from WCYR and WCDR Members who would like to present a 1-2 hour workshop during our 2022- 2023 season.


-to encourage all WCYR members to improve their writing skills by attending interesting, informative and enthusiastic workshops.
-to offer useful and free benefits for WCYR members.
-to showcase member talent and pool our resources.
-to give facilitating members experience in public speaking and a solid resume credit.

Members-only workshops are a win-win. The presenting member earns $75.00 for their time, while attending guests learn something new and valuable.


Each session should be a stand-alone learning experience that lasts between one and two hours (including time for questions).

Topics may include anything on craft, marketing, or the business of writing.

Each proposal must include the following:

  • A workshop title
  • A short (one paragraph) abstract describing your workshop (150-300 words)
  • A detailed synopsis of the entire workshop (200+ words)
  • A bio describing the experience that qualifies you to teach your chosen topic (remember, you don’t need to be a “professional.” You just need to know a lot about the subject)

***Your proposal will not be accepted without all these elements.

Email with your submission and please indicate your preference for either a Zoom session or in-person delivery.

The deadline for submissions is July 8, 2022. The top 4 proposals will be chosen by blind survey by WCYR members.

Proposals will only be accepted from members in good standing of WCYR or WCDR.


Workshop locations are ZOOM unless your session needs “in-person” participation to be most successful.

Workshop times may vary, but they are generally held on a weekday evening, from 7:00-9:00 pm.

While the workshops are free to WCYR and WCDR members, the guest facilitator will receive a $75.00 honorarium.

Seating is unlimited with Zoom sessions but will be restricted to 16 people in person. Audio and visual aids, such as microphone and projector, will be supplied for in-person sessions.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at Check out Upcoming Events on the website for more information. I hope to see many of you at the regular monthly events and in future workshops!

WCYR Program Assistant Coordinator,
Ronda Theaker