Program Coordinator’s Assistant


Expectation of Duties


Core/General Duties

The role of the Programming Coordinator’s Assistant is to aid the main coordinator in finding and organizing guests to speak at the WCYR monthly seminars and organize the venues, run the member-led workshops, and organize the Farmers Market booth.

WCYR Monthly Seminars

  • Gather information about possible guest speakers through book events, conferences, referrals, and other writing groups.
  • Aid the Programming Coordinator as necessary.

Free Member Only Workshops

  • Collect proposals for workshops from WCYR members (or sisterships: WCDR/WCSC/WEN) for free workshops and present them to the board.
  • Create SurveyMonkey survey with all approved workshops proposals and tally results.
  • Book room at NewMakeIt for workshop and organize dates with presenters.
  • Aid in creating an event for each workshop on WCYR site using Event Espresso (or coordinate this with the Webmaster).
  • Aid in organizing payment for member presenters.

The week leading up to the seminar/workshop:

  • Coordinate the amount of food and beverages needed for the seminar in conjunction with the Hospitality Liaison.
  • Print Early-Bird tickets.
  • Make sure all supplies are ready for the meeting (name tag stickers, flyers, banner, member books sign, etc.)

At the meeting:

  • Arrive approx. 30 minutes prior to event to be sure the venue is set up properly, audio visual is working and refreshments are ready.
  • Greet guests at registration, take payment and give out name tags.

Newmarket Farmers’ Market

  • Organize schedule of WCYR Members to main the tent at the Farmers’ Market for each Saturday.
  • Arrange for payment by cheque for monthly fee to the Farmers’ Market.
  • Organize tent, table, banner and POP for each week.
  • Every week, contact WCYR members booked to man the tent, explaining the times and confirming their attendance.
  • Have a newsletter sign-up sheet ready each week and transfer all new sign up names to Newsletter Manager.
  • Arrange for flyers and posters for WCYR at the tent.

General Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations

 Attend whenever possible to help support the WCYR initiative and to aid in any way regarding meeting setup/take down.

Availability/Time Commitments

Attends meetings with the Programming Coordinator. Sets a personal schedule to be able to maintain a balance between productivity and personal life, making sure the Team is aware of said schedule.