promotions coordinator

Promotions Coordinator

Expectation of Duties

Core/General Duties

Our Promotions Coordinator is a director position on the Board of Directors of the WCYR and is entitled to all voting privileges and benefits.

The role of the Promotions Coordinator is to identify and oversee potential promotional or exposure opportunities to publicize our community, events, and benefits. These opportunities may include, but are not limited to public relations, social media, community outreach, WCYR website updates and banners, contests, and open-mic or similar live or virtual events. 

The Coordinator oversees the activities of at least three volunteer assistants, who have individual responsibilities for social media, library liaison, or public relations. While it is not a requirement for the Coordinator to be actively involved in each of these activities, our Coordinator assists as necessary and provides oversight about activities for the WCYR Board of Directors.

The Coordinator makes our membership and potential members aware of WCYR activities, opportunities, benefits, and events.

Our Coordinator should track and report to the WCYR board all promotional activities to determine if content created improves attendance at events, grows membership, and increases awareness of WCYR in the writing and larger communities.

The board of directors may establish a budget to promote our community. Our Promotions Coordinator is responsible for allocation of that budget to generate the optimum exposure for the funds invested.

Promotions may Include but are not limited to

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Regional broadcast and print media
  • Regional Libraries
  • Town activity sites
  • Literary publications / seminars / workshops / educational opportunities
  • Any public events where WCYR might participate (e.g. Town of Newmarket Culture Days)
  • Any coffee shop Open Mic or similar opportunities live or virtual

Fees and Subsidies

  • Responsibly administer any budget determined by the Board at the start of each fiscal year, with oversight and control for expenditures and timely reporting of all expenses.