Expectation of Duties


Core/General Duties

The WCYR Secretary will:

  • Act as clerk of the board and attend all meetings of the board;
  • Ensure that  all  facts  and  minutes of formal proceedings are recorded and maintained in a business-like manner;
  • Be the custodian of the paper and electronic documents belonging to the WCYR, to be delivered upon request by resolution/vote of the board;
  • Prepare and distribute agendas, completed minutes, and other materials as necessary in advance of board meetings

Event/Meeting/Workshop Expectations

  1. Forward copies of the Board Meeting Minutes as soon as possible after each meeting to ensure action items are initiated or followed up.
  2. Maintain a record of any votes
  3. Chair an election, if required, for new board members
    • Receive and retain board nominations
    • Verify member status of nominees
    • Obtain bios from nominees
    • Prepare and distribute, 30 days in advance of elections, all necessary documents
    • Distribute Annual Report at such time as one is prepared
  4. Attend the monthly seminar/workshops and assist as needed.
  5. Maintain a current list of WCYR assets.
  6. Provide sister groups (WCDR, WCSC, CCWWP, PWAC, HHWEN, etc.) with list of new board members as required.
  7. Provide backup for telephone messages as needed (or designate).

Availability/Time Commitments

The secretary will strive to attend all Board Meetings and make arrangements for another Board member to support this position should they be unable to attend. They will set a realistic schedule for attending to WCYR matters and share their designated “hours of operation” with the Board. Should it be advantageous, during an election they are encouraged to enlist the help of a member-volunteer to share in the increased workload.