Special Opportunities Coordinator


Expectation of Duties

Core/General Duties

Our Special Opportunities Coordinator is a director position on the Board of Directors of the WCYR and is entitled to all voting privileges and benefits.

The role of the Special Opportunities Coordinator is to identify potential activities or events where members of the community can promote the WCYR and its members and sell books. These opportunities may include, but are not limited to public sales events, markets, festivals, readings, and signings.

The Coordinator oversees The Bookshelf and York Writers’ Conference should the WCYR Board of Directors elect to sponsor such events. While it is not a requirement for the Coordinator to be the primary organizer of these events, the Coordinator has a responsibility to recruit and oversee leaders, participate actively in event organizing committees, and provide oversight about activities as the liaison with the WCYR Board of Directors.

The Coordinator oversees any bookselling activities the board of directors of WCYR may undertake, potential opportunities that come to the attention of the community, or events held in partnership with WCYR. Opportunities should take place within a 100km radius of Newmarket.

The Coordinator makes our membership aware of selling opportunities through our Newsletter, website, and/or author-member mailing list, leaving all decisions about participation expressly to individual members.

With approval of the board of directors, the Coordinator may book space at events on behalf of members and collect fees (if any) for the event(s) from members, taking responsibility to submit any required forms or paperwork to secure placement for the membership in the event.

The Coordinator should track all selling opportunities to determine if attendance interests the membership, and report results to the WCYR board of directors.

The board of directors may establish a budget to assist members to participate. The Special Opportunities Coordinator is responsible for allocation of that budget to generate the optimum opportunities for the optimum number of members.

Special Opportunities may Include but are not Limited to
• Word on the Street
• Aurora Street Festival
• The Bookshelf Book Fair
• Public Shows
• Book Festivals
• Organized Cons
• Any literary events where book selling by individuals takes place
• Any public events where book selling may take place
• Any private events where book selling may take place

Fees and Subsidies
• Responsibly administer any budget determined by the Board at the start of each fiscal year, with oversight and control for expenditures and timely reporting of all revenue and expenses.
• Announce any approved subsidies for selling opportunities to participating members.
• Collect fees from members attending events with submission of all proceeds and detailed reports to the Treasurer of WCYR

General Event Expectations

 Attend, whenever possible, the booked events and ensure sponsored events have the necessary WCYR pamphlets and newsletter sign-up sheet available to the public. Verify the events are well run and attended by the public. Report events and mark them on a future list to attend or avoid. Report said findings to the membership and board at seminars and meetings.

Availability/Time Commitments

Attends Board meetings as well as monthly meetings, reporting and offering assistance as needed. Sets a personal schedule to be able to maintain a balance between productivity and personal life, making sure the Team is aware of said schedule.