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This WCYR Promotion Policy informs our membership, as well as interested external parties, what we can and can not post or advertise on our blog or social media channels, current and future. This policy is designed from the perspective that the WCYR’s priority is to its members, and protecting the financial health and reputation of the writers’ community.


WCYR will promote a member’s own title or publication one time on the Easy Writer blog, and with all WCYR social media. The WCYR will promote on social media any speaking engagements or workshops, etc., held by our members, as long as the event does not conflict with a WCYR event.


 We will not accept posts or notices about external events that conflict directly with scheduled WCYR events. The Board of Directors may also elect not to accept requests that promote any organization deemed to be competing with the WCYR for members. 


If someone who is not a member requests we post or advertise on their behalf, we may ask for compensation for the visibility of the information after vetting the source. In the case of an author promoting their book, a copy of their book. In the case of a writing course, one free class to raffle-off to our membership.


If someone who is not a member wishes to advertise a writing opportunity on our public page, we may allow it if there is no cost, and after the opportunity has been vetted and approved by a Board member.


If we are approached by an organization regarding teaching opportunities, if the potential opportunity is a paid opportunity and not volunteer, AND as long as the Board agrees that it is an invaluable opportunity for our members, we may forgo compensation. Members often share opportunities on social media, including the WCYR’s Members Only page that are discovered and may benefit other members. Our Promotions Coordinator may elect to publicize them or remove them if they do not pass the vetting process.


 If someone is offering to pay the WCYR to advertise their opportunity, we may accept after a vetting process that includes the Promotion Coordinator and at least one other WCYR Director.


Requests for insertions in the Newsletter should be directed to and should include a link to the requestor’s site, a graphic describing the event in PNG or JPEG format, and all particulars, including applicable dates and locations. Please submit requests at least 30 days before the planned event.


Requestions for exposure on social media should be directed to Book promotion requests should be submitted at the time of publication and no more than 60 days after the publication date. Individual requests for events of interest should be submitted at least 30 days in advance.


For requests that don’t fall within these parameters, requests should be directed to