Team Job Descriptions

Being a volunteer is a wonderful gift of your time for a cause or program that you believe in. The WCYR is always on the lookout for new and returning volunteers. Whether you can donate a half-hour of your time to help set up before a seminar/workshop, can help in a “virtual” or “digital” capacity according to your own schedule, or want to dive in and be apart of what makes this community tick, we’d love to have you!

After you’ve reviewed both the summary and full descriptions of each available position, please contact our Board Chair, MJ Moores, and let us know how you’re interested in helping out. 🙂


Free membership after 6 months.

Board Chair: This position is available to anyone who has volunteered as either a Member at Large or for a Board position. It is the Chair’s job to organize a board meeting once a month, put together an agenda, act as moderator to ensure all voices are heard, and ensure that the “gears” of our organization continue to run smoothly. Has Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Treasurer: This position requires competent knowledge of bookkeeping and is open to any WCYR member. It is the Treasurer’s job to track what money is being spent where, and to ensure that when a payment needs to be made, it is done on time (either by you or another team-member with approval). It is important to make sure that we are not overreaching our spending. Has Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Secretary: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is the secretary’s job to attend all board meetings held once a month, take detailed notes during the meeting according to the agenda presented, then write up the minutes of the meeting and initiate conversation around when the next meeting will be set. Has Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Program Coordinator: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to invite speakers to talk at our seminars and workshops (8-9 per year), to arrange a location for the seminar to take place, and to “take care of” our guest’s needs (e.g. set the date with them, confirm what their talk will be about, arrange for their cheque and thank you card, see that they have all the equipment needed for their talk, welcome them on arrival and thank them afterwards). Has Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Membership Coordinator: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to track the payment of new and returning members, see that they receive their “welcome package”, and provide updates at board meetings regarding current member numbers, and to present/develop initiatives for bringing in new members. Has Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Special Events Coordinator: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to keep an up-to-date list of reading/book-selling/contest opportunities and make this list available to any interested members. They provide monthly updates in our newsletter for what’s coming up and produce brief blogs/posts on those events we’ve participated in. They also arrange for special discounted or free opportunities whenever possible. Has Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

SUMMARY of TEAM POSITIONS – Members at Large

Free membership after 6 months.

Board Advisor: This position is reserved for the past Board Coordinator to help the Board transition to new leadership and provide insight into past workings/decisions. Has tiebreaker Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Publicity Representative: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is the PR’s job to take our monthly press release about our seminar/workshop (and special events) and spread the news to designated online resources and local libraries. No Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Social Media Coordinator: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to coordinate with the Public Relations Rep, Seminar-Workshop Coordinator, & Special Events Coordinator in order to spread the word about our events via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This volunteer also runs initiatives to help engage members and friends of the WCYR in online discussions. No Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Newsletter Manager: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to take care of the “news-related” emails we receive and put together a weekly email using Mail Chimp which highlights upcoming seminars, workshops, member announcements, library announcements, contest listings, etc. for which the various members send/contribute information. No Board voting rights.

Webmaster(s): This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to maintain the background workings of the WCYR website. They make sure hosting payments go through on time, that our server stays up and running, and troubleshoots the creation of pages and plugins as needed. No Board voting rights.

Youth Group Leader: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to organize our “youth” division of writers, who meet once a month. This volunteer keeps a database of members (free to join) and sends out an agenda, prompt, and reminder for the meeting time/place/date, and ensures the smooth flow of each meeting. No Board voting rights.

Assistant/Co- Special Events Coordinator(s): This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to help the main Special Events Coordinator fulfill their obligations and to organize our yearly prose/poetry contest. No Board voting rights.

Program Coordinator’s Assistant: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to help the main coordinator at seminars, keep an eye out for new potential speakers, organize the submission and selection process for member-run workshops, and coordinate the Farmers Market booth. No Board voting rights. CLICK HERE for FULL DESCRIPTION

Blog Editor: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is the Editor’s job to proofread any and all necessary blog posts, as well as create content (whenever possible) and assess/approve submissions for the “paid blog” option (open to members-only). No Board voting rights.

Hospitality Coordinator: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to purchase the snacks and bring the bins of coffee/tea/condiments/pots to each seminar once a month and oversee any Day-Volunteers helping with set-up/take-down before and after. No Board voting rights.

Library Liaison: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to build a relationship with the York Region (and surrounding) Public Libraries to ensure frequent dialogues with their coordinators regarding upcoming events, workshops, seminars, etc. from us to them AND them to us. Connect interested Librarians to the Assistant Seminar/Workshop Coordinator to arrange member-run seminars/lectures/workshops in conjunctions with the WCYR at various library locations. No Board voting rights.

Volunteers Coordinator: This position is open to any member of the WCYR. It is their job to maintain and build a list of current, past, and potential volunteers for the many wide and varied positions which require filling — both on a long-term and short-term basis. They act as a liaison between the Board and volunteers to ensure that no one is being taken for granted or taken advantage of. They may develop initiatives to encourage new/continued volunteering and make certain that all volunteers are shown our appreciation for their dedication and help. No Board voting rights.

Contest/Grants Coordinator: The Contests/Grant Coordinator will administrate the WCYR grants and organize/curate contests that members may want to enter. It will be the job of this coordinator to reach out to the membership and sisterships of the WCYR to find judges willing to help narrow down grant qualifiers, and to make sure that each participating judge receives a package of grant submissions to evaluate. Once the evaluations are complete, they will organize the reveal of the winners in conjunction with the Special Events Coordinators. As for the contests, this coordinator will work to honour existing contest partnerships, look for new partnership opportunities, and work toward developing WCYR-specific contests with the aid of the Special Events Coordinators. No Board voting rights.


Raffle Organizer: This position is open to any member of the WCYR who enjoys shopping for and crafting simple prize packages for our seminar/workshop/meetings. While this person is often also the team member who sells the raffle tickets, if there is a conflict of events or you are not anticipating staying for an entire seminar/workshop/meeting then the Programming Coordinator will assist in finding another team member to perform this aspect of the job. No Board voting rights.

Lending Librarian: This position is open to any member of the WCYR who is willing to transport our select but growing library of writing resources, and store this library at their home between monthly seminars. They will keep track of which books are in the travelling library and who has taken which ones out — being sure to email borrowers if the book is out of circulation past the agreed upon date. No Board voting rights.

Seminar Day-Helpers: This position is open to anyone and is an ever-expanding job for multiple members who are interested in helping set-up/take-down on the day of a seminar, workshop, or social. You may be asked to help with organizing the tables if we are in the Newmarket Library, or aid in setting up our eats & treats & beverages, or possibly even greet arrivals at the door if we are short-staffed for the day. Not all helpers are able to come to every seminar and therefore we encourage you to put your name forward for consideration for when you are planning to attend. No Board voting rights.

The Bookshelf Event-Day Helpers: This position is open to anyone. One day a year the WCYR holds our giant book fair, The Bookshelf, and we require at least a dozen volunteers to help with a variety of things from: set-up/take-down, to guiding vendors to their tables, to manning the beverage station, or helping out in the Kids Zone with crafts/characters, to soaking up the sun in the marketplace helping spread the word about the event, and telling marketers about the readings by the Story Pod. Every volunteer receives a “thank you” gift for dedicating their time to our event. No Board voting rights.

The Bookshelf Core Volunteers: These positions are open to anyone. The organization of such a big event requires dedicated long-term volunteers to help behind the scenes with a multitude of tasks leading up to the day of the event. These positions include: Event Coordinator (grand overseer and organizer of affairs), Sponsorship Coordinator (the finder of donations both monetary and prizes), Vendor Coordinator (official invitation sender and liaison for all participating vendors), Webmaster (to keep our website in good working order and make sure all our links and the “back end” continue to work as necessary), Volunteers Coordinator (who tracks interested Event-Day volunteers and looks for new ones each year), Readings Coordinator (tracks which vendors are interested in participating in our outdoor readings at the Farmers Market and conducting a draw for reading spots if necessary), MC for the vendor readings by the Story Pod in the Farmers Market (keeping the readings running on time on Event-Day). No Board voting rights.

Open Mic Master of Ceremonies: This position is open to anyone. Approximately the third Sunday of each month, from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. at Cardinal Press Espresso Bar (formerly Covernotes Cafe) in Newmarket, the WCYR holds an “Open Mic Readings” event for which we require a variety of volunteers to take turns being the MC. Duties include tracking participating readers (on the afternoon of the event), drawing their names for the order of their readings, announcing and thanking the readers for joining us, scheduling a break mid-way, and thanking Cardinal Press for hosting the event. No Board voting rights.

High School Outreach: The High School Outreach position will contact Guidance Departments and Principals who may have students interested in volunteering to help fulfill their mandatory hours, and those interested in creative writing. This person will report to the Volunteers Coordinator. No Board voting rights.

Elections Officer: The Elections Officer’s job will centre on helping organize the upcoming elections, in conjunction with the Secretary, this March. This is a one-election position with minimal time commitment. Once the elections are over, the responsibilities of the Elections Officer will end. In 2020, with the next elections, the previous Elections Officer may be reached out to, but is under no obligation to be the Officer again. No Board voting rights.

Critique Group Coordinator: The Critique Group Coordinator will speak with and help with organizing members into one or more critique groups via the use of the forum for in-person or online meetings. If there are too many members interested in joining one critique group, the Coordinator may split it as necessary. The Critique Group Coordinator will keep a database of the Groups sponsored by the WCYR and their membership. No Board voting rights.

Farmers Market Representative: The Farmer’s Market Representative will coordinate with the Assistant Program Coordinator or the Program Coordinator. They will liaise with the Farmer’s Market organizers, help with the set up and tear down of the booth on market days, and ensure that an adequate number of WCYR members are able to run the booth each week. No Board voting rights.