Announcing Double Dead Magic by Maaja Wentz

About the Book:

When they jail her mom for slaying a Zombie, Tonya must uncover the original murderer!

Forbidden to contact her friends and boyfriend (who are cursed to forget her), Tonya’s parole demands remedial magic classes at Loon Lake University. But how can she pass when corrupt authorities strip her from her powers?

Summer school with the enemy clan feels like the worst punishment until her birth mother is jailed for slaying a revenant. Helen’s freedom depends on Tonya solving a 20-year-old cold case involving necromancy, thwarted love, nosy ghosts, and witchy family secrets.

Meanwhile, hidden entities menace the beautiful city of Loon Lake. Suspicious fires, missing swimmers, and parasitic dragons threaten Tonya’s old friends, the Digital Ninjas. Tonya must rescue the Ninjas, and save her best friend, when a motorcycle hunk dupes Priya into conjuring a fire-breathing catastrophe.

Can Tonya save her mother and convince the warring Old Families to restore her friends’ memories? Or will she remain outcast and estranged from her true love forever?

Double Dead Magic is perfect for fans of urban fantasy, paranormal mystery, and creepy comedies like Wednesday, iZombieSabrina, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

About Maaja:

Maaja Wentz adores page-turning mystery and fantasy. “Inside of a Dog” appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Her supernatural thriller, Feeding Frenzy, won a Wattpad award. For kids, she writes as Apricot Banks.

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Maaja Wentz
Maaja Wentz
6 months ago

Thank you so much Loni