Announcing Hoodoo in the Loo: D.E.M.ON. Tales Book 8 by MJ Moores and Nanci Pattenden

About the Book:

Ode de Toilet…

No agent wants to respond to a call from the outpost. Not only is it poorly provisioned, and mainly a rehabilitation site for serious on-the-job mishaps, but it’s located in Toronto. And they’re having toilet issues.

A ghost-not-ghost is wreaking havoc in high-end loos throughout Yorkville. The youngest agents are assigned the case, certain it’s payback from the big-wigs for some unknown error in judgement—or maybe they do know.

Yoli witnessed an odd happenstance with their local centenarian and is certain the crap has hit the fan.

Dive into book 8 in this tongue-in-cheek urban fantasy where Men in Black meets Supernatural.

A bit about MJ and Nanci:

Nanci Pattenden and MJ Moores have been writing critique partner for almost ten years. The two women began writing very different genres: Nanci historical mystery and MJ sci-fi/fantasy. However, over the years they have rubbed off on each other. Nanci now dabbles in urban fantasy, and MJ has fallen for the Victorian era, writing YA steampunk. These ladies have now teamed up to write a tongue-in-cheek local Urban Fantasy novella series called D.E.M.ON. Tales.

Nanci and MJ are active volunteers for the Writers’ Community of York Region, and, when permitted out in public, enjoy attending book events to ply their wares.

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