Emerging from a Rabbit Hole with a Tamed Bunny

by Jeanette Winsor

Sometimes, our stories can be like bunnies. They can hop all over the place and lead us down long winding rabbit holes.  MJ Moores’ workshop Following Rabbit Holes and Chasing Plot Bunnies had us engaged in activities to help us turn those two dreaded stumbling blocks into a way forward. Have you ever sat at your computer struggling with that logline, or wondering what’s wrong with a scene, or a section of work in which you feel something is missing?

MJ started out by having us look at our logline. It was tough—but necessary. She suggested that the better we understand the core of our story, the easier it is to chase plot bunnies…and we can always go back and massage our logline as we progress. Then, we dove deep—no, not into a rabbit hole, but into a way forward with our work-in-progress.

Using the Socratic method, we engaged in discussions about our ‘not-so-great’ scenes and found solutions to changing and making our work the best it could be. How do you keep your focus and clean up your troublesome scenes? Following MJ’s guidelines, it was an easy and effective process, another great resource for our writing toolbox to keep the rabbit holes and plot bunnies in check.

Upcoming Events:

We’re taking a well-deserved summer break! Events will return on September 24th for our Open House with author Kim McDougall (more details to follow). 

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