Paul Coccia: Sprouting Your Own Green World

Join Paul Coccia as he invites writers into the Green World. With a discussion of the literary critic Northrop Frye’s theory, writers will gain the ability to understand, create, and assess Green Worlds in their own works and how they can establish environments where their characters can experiment, change and evolve. As the Green World provides spaces away from the constraints of societal norms for characters to develop and grow, writers will leave empowered to help their characters achieve the full potential of their character arcs.
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Diving Deep into POV

What is “point of view,” when it comes to writing great fiction? And why is it so important? Implementing good point-of-view practices can be daunting. Learn how. Come ready to polish a scene from your work-in-progress or work from provided prompts to learn to integrate good POV practices in your fiction. Read more